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Relying on the experience of frontline nurses, the CFNU works with experts, academics and other health care stakeholders to produce evidence-based research and resources on current health care issues. CFNU’s research has focused on the need for a national pharmacare plan, the importance of safe staffing, health care financing, safe seniors’ care, intergenerational issues in the workplace and occupational health and safety issues.

The CFNU transforms research into policy and practice by advocating for evidence-based changes at the federal level and provincial level at the Council of the Federation.

CFNU’s research products include groundbreaking research reports, backgrounders, fact sheets and position statements.

Safe Hours Save Lives!
Study on safe working hours for nurses

Save Hours Save Lives! Study on safe working hours for nurses Safe Hours Saves Lives delivers a critical examination of escalating burnout among Canadian nurses due to excessive work hours. This report underscores the dramatic increase in overtime and its impact on nurse well-being and patient safety. It draws upon data and expert insights to […]

2023 CFNU Member Survey Summary Report

2023 CFNU Member Survey Report Learn what nurses are saying about their work life in our health care system, based on a survey of nearly 5,000 nurses from across the country. Download the report

Sustaining Nursing in Canada: a set of coordinated evidence-based solutions targeted to support the nursing workforce now and into the future

Sustaining Nursing in Canada proposes a set of concrete actionable solutions to help meaningfully solve the health care staffing crisis. The Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions worked with the Canadian Health Workforce Network to present in this report the magnitude of the nursing crisis and the known solutions to address it. Authored by University of […]

July 3, 2015
Health Accord

The Canada Health Transfer Disconnect: An Aging Population, Rising Health Care Costs and a Shrinking Federal Role in Funding

In poll after poll, Canadians demonstrate that public health care is Canada’s number one priority. It is part of our identity as Canadians. But we risk losing this important element of our identity if we do not act now to address the erosion of federal funding. CFNU’s expert paper, The Canada Health Transfer Disconnect: An […]

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