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Elected Officers

President: Linda Silas, RN, BScN

A 5-foot feminist dynamo with a soft heart and strong stomach who is passionate about making a difference in people’s lives.

Linda Silas has been the President of the 250,000-strong Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions (CFNU) since 2003. As the dynamic and charismatic leader of Canada’s largest nurses’ organization, Linda is recognized as the foremost advocate on behalf of nurses in Canada.

Starting her tenure as a full-time labour activist as the single mom of a 13-month-old son has shaped Linda in a very distinctive way. Linda has earned a reputation for being a caring listener who is focused and solution-oriented in everything she does. A proud New Brunswicker, Linda credits her home province for both her impressive work ethic and her well-known zest for life and adventure.

Linda has fine-tuned her skills as a union leader at the local, provincial, national and international levels over the course of three decades. She is a passionate speaker whose straight-talking in both official languages inspires nurses and earns the respect of policy-makers and stakeholders. Linda’s favourite public speaking engagements are always for students, as she believes that mentoring the next generation of activists is an important responsibility we all share.

Linda champions greater understanding and action on social justice, the social determinants of health and key policies that will enhance socio-economic equity, such as retirement security for all workers, a national pharmacare program, universal child care and greater access to public services for Indigenous communities.

Linda was previously the President of the New Brunswick Nurses Union (NBNU) for 10 years. Linda is a graduate of l’Université de Moncton, where she earned a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, and has practiced in the ICU, emergency, and labour and delivery.

Linda believes health care, like education and decent work, is a human right. She embodies the CFNU motto “Where knowledge meets know-how.”


Secretary-Treasurer: Angela Preocanin, RN

Angela Preocanin, RN, is a 31-year nurse and 20-year executive member at Local 75, St. Joseph’s Healthcare in Hamilton. Her roles at the Ontario Nurses’ Association included Executive Vice-President, First Vice-President and Grievance Chair.

She has served for the last two years on the ONA provincial Board of Directors as the Region 4 Representative before being acclaimed in 2022 as First Vice-President.

Preocanin has been a member of the CFNU National Executive Board since 2022 and was acclaimed as Secretary-Treasurer for the CFNU at the Biennial Convention in June 2023. She will continue in her role with ONA concurrently.

She hopes to leverage her leadership experience to continue advocating on behalf of ONA members provincially and within her region as a Board member.

Preocanin has worked in thoracic surgery, head and neck, urgent care and home hemodialysis.

She is also passionate about fighting for a workplace free of violence, and to that end has served as the Joint Health & Safety Committee worker co-chair.

“I’ve had the unique opportunity to truly understand the challenges our members face as they try to provide quality care under difficult conditions,” she says.

Prior to becoming the Region 4 Vice-President, she served as the First Vice-President and Grievance Chair for Local 75. As Grievance Chair, she has received extensive experience negotiating grievance settlements through the mediation and arbitration stages.

She was also an active member of Local negotiations for 20 years on behalf of 1,600 ONA members.

Her committee experience includes occupational health and safety, hospital association/labour management, professional development, return to work/joint work accommodation and scheduling. She also has been the Region 4 rep on the hospital Central Negotiating Team for several rounds.

She was the ONA nominee for an Independent Assessment Committee investigating issues in the hemodialysis unit at Humber River Hospital, a panelist at the Joint Sector Meeting plenary session on grievance preparation, and a member of the ONA Provincial Elections Committee.

Preocanin’s education and skills in labour relations has enabled her to provide solid leadership in advocating on behalf of ONA members.

“With more than two decades of leadership experience with ONA, I am well positioned to bring my skills and unique capabilities to serve as Region 4 Vice President. I look forward to successfully representing our members with the passion and leadership they deserve,” she says.