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International Solidarity

The Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions (CFNU) and its Member Organizations have a long tradition of support for international and Canadian organizations working for social and economic justice and for reconstruction and development.

When the CFNU launched its International Solidarity Fund over a decade ago, it joined other labour unions which mobilize resources to support initiatives that foster solidarity with the disadvantaged, whether those are disadvantaged by natural disasters or an unfair economic and social order.

The CFNU International Solidarity Fund supports worker-to-worker exchanges, provides humanitarian assistance, and strengthens the capacity of workers to advance the right to health.

Humanitarian Assistance

The CFNU supplies funding to organizations with proven track records in providing assistance in relief and reconstruction following natural disasters, and in response to health or other emergencies.

In the past our support has gone to a variety of organizations with experience working in the field, including Oxfam Canada, the Canadian Red Cross, Médecins Sans Frontières, the Stephen Lewis Foundation, and many other humanitarian aid groups.

This support has been in response to a variety of humanitarian emergencies, including health emergencies such as Ebola, natural disasters such as earthquakes and humanitarian crises such as the refugee crisis triggered by the ongoing conflict in Syria.

Capacity Building

As part of its International Solidarity mandate, the CFNU also seeks to develop long-term partnerships with workers or unions in developing countries representing nurses or health care workers whose goals and objectives complement those of the CFNU and whose programs seek to increase health care and labour capacity in developing countries.

Worker Exchanges

The CFNU strives to provide nominal support for a selection of members every year who wish to engage in missions abroad that provide humanitarian assistance or capacity-building to a host community. We recognize our members’ interest in participating in these short-term missions and the mutual value that arises from providing health services in a developing country.

Funding will be decided annually in the spring. Applications need to be submitted the year prior to travel, before the end of the calendar year.

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