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Relying on the experience of frontline nurses, the CFNU works with experts, academics and other health care stakeholders to produce evidence-based research and resources on current health care issues. CFNU’s research has focused on the need for a national pharmacare plan, the importance of safe staffing, health care financing, safe seniors’ care, intergenerational issues in the workplace and occupational health and safety issues.

The CFNU is the voice of frontline nurses, and through our research we advocate for quality workplace environments, safe quality patient care, and the importance of public health care.

The CFNU transforms research into policy and practice by advocating for evidence-based changes at the federal level and provincial level at the Council of the Federation.

CFNU’s research products include groundbreaking research reports, backgrounders, fact sheets and position statements.

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Up to 640 Canadians die each year from ischemic heart disease alone because of shortfalls in prescription drug coverage.

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Salary is often taken as the sole measure of the worth of an agreement. However, this can be greatly misleading, as many other elements in a collective agreement can dramatically impact the quality of nursing work. Typically, nursing unions in Canada have one agreement that represents the majority of nurses in the province (the provincial […]

Overview of Key Nursing Contract Provisions

The Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions released a research document in October 2017, demonstrating how investing in nursing budgets actually results in health systems savings and better patient outcomes.

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A nation-wide survey of Canadian home care and long-term care nurses identifies an overloaded system facing increasing demands and patient acuity.

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A new report from the Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions (CFNU) calls for safe nurse staffing levels to reduce the system’s reliance on both paid and unpaid overtime for nurses, which contribute to absenteeism, eroding the quality of patient care. The total cost of nurses’ overtime, combined with the cost of nurse absenteeism due to […]

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Over the past two decades, nurses have experienced an increase in violence in their workplaces. Every day, they go to work knowing that they may be verbally or physically abused. Nurses in every health care sector are being punched, kicked, spat on and sworn at. “Violence is not part of the job!”  This is the […]

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In December 2016, the Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions released a new report titled: Down the Drain: How Canada Has Wasted $62 Billion Health Care Dollars Without Pharmacare, where noted economist Hugh Mackenzie calculates the disturbing amount Canada has wasted over the past 10 years by not implementing national pharmacare.   The report calculates the waste from […]

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Bridging the Generational Divide: Nurses United in Providing Quality Patient Care provides stark evidence of the effects of ‘boom to bust’ models of nursing, with health human resource planning changing with every shift in the political landscape. The report paints a picture of a troubled workplace where frontline nurses struggle to meet their professional obligations […]

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Health Accord

In poll after poll, Canadians demonstrate that public health care is Canada’s number one priority. It is part of our identity as Canadians. But we risk losing this important element of our identity if we do not act now to address the erosion of federal funding. CFNU’s expert paper, The Canada Health Transfer Disconnect: An […]

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As an organization representing close to 200,000 frontline nurses, the CFNU has a longstanding commitment to advocating for seniors’ care. We are increasingly hearing from frontline nurses across the country that seniors are being left behind in our health care system. Three in four seniors have at least one chronic condition, and almost a quarter […]

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