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Relying on the experience of frontline nurses, the CFNU works with experts, academics and other health care stakeholders to produce evidence-based research and resources on current health care issues. CFNU’s research has focused on the need for a national pharmacare plan, the importance of safe staffing, health care financing, safe seniors’ care, intergenerational issues in the workplace and occupational health and safety issues.

The CFNU transforms research into policy and practice by advocating for evidence-based changes at the federal level and provincial level at the Council of the Federation.

CFNU’s research products include groundbreaking research reports, backgrounders, fact sheets and position statements.

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This is the first Canada-wide assessment of post-traumatic stress injuries (PTSI) among nurses, commissioned by CFNU. Nurses are often required to respond to high-stress situations as a regular part of their work, and some of these high-stress situations may occur repeatedly and be traumatic. These types of stressors can have a cumulative effect, wearing down […]


September 24, 2019 — According to a new poll conducted jointly by Heart & Stroke and the Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions (CFNU), 93% of people in Canada feel that it’s important for everyone in Canada to have equal access to prescription drugs. The majority – 88% – also believe that it is the responsibility of […]

June 6, 2019

Equity Toolkit


Creating a more just and equitable society means uniting against all forms of discrimination and oppression that divide and harm us. While many may agree with this sentiment, it is often a challenge as individuals and unions to educate ourselves and, where necessary, unlearn the biases we may have, whether conscious or not. In 2018, […]


From the Foreword by Linda Silas This book tells the story of nurses unions in Canada through the experiences of 32 of their key leaders, past and present, as told to author and journalist Ann Silversides. Our stories reveal how a handful of mostly women from across the country managed to change the profession of […]


From the President’s Message: As nurses we instinctively know that patient health is closely tied to the patient’s environment. This discussion paper on climate change and health urges nurses to consider the macro-level of our environment: planet Earth. Over the coming decades, our rapidly changing climate will pose the biggest threat to human health and […]

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The Big Money Club tells the story of the outsized influence of ultra-rich actors in the pharmacare debate in Canada. These actors see dollar signs in the preservation of the current system and are funding a campaign to protect their profits. Though seemingly diverse, virtually all the opposition to pharmacare can be traced back to […]

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The Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions commissioned Environics Research to conduct a national public opinion poll to determine attitudes towards national health care and prescription drug coverage issues. A total of 1,002 Canadians completed the online survey, which was conducted between January 9 and 21, 2019. The polling results confirm that Canadians want a national prescription […]

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The Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions Pan-Canadian Nurse Practitioner (NP) Retention & Recruitment Project aims to improve NP working conditions to better retain and attract NPs and expand NP positions throughout the health care system. About three million Canadians receive care from an NP, but their numbers are not sufficient to meet the growing needs […]

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Researched and written by the distinguished pharmaco-economist, Dr. Ruth Lopert, along with colleagues Elizabeth Docteur and Dr. Steve Morgan, this report reveals, for the first time, the estimated  body count, or yearly number of deaths and illnesses in Canada, for specific age cohorts and conditions, resulting from cost-related non-adherence to prescription medications.

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The Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions released a research document in October 2017, demonstrating how investing in nursing budgets actually results in health systems savings and better patient outcomes.

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