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January 6, 2024

Equity Toolkit


The CFNU released a compelling video series in 2023 that showcases the experiences and advocacy efforts of nurses in Canada regarding workplace equity. This series highlights the challenges and triumphs of a group of nurses who are fervently pushing for equity in the health care system. Watch the full series here. 


Creating a more just and equitable society means uniting against all forms of discrimination and oppression that divide and harm us. While many may agree with this sentiment, it is often a challenge as individuals and unions to educate ourselves and, where necessary, unlearn the biases we may have, whether conscious or not.

In 2018, the CFNU made a commitment to build on our existing work with young workers and equity-seeking groups by creating an Equity and Inclusion Toolkit. The toolkit provides resources to support the CFNU, Member Organizations and individual members to grow and expand our advocacy in these areas. The toolkit contains a range of materials, including: FAQs, an introduction to using equity lens, a glossary of inclusive language, an organizational scan checklist, an event accessibility checklist, sample workshops and sample policies/position statements.

Using content and information from the toolkit, we also launched at CFNU Convention 2019 a discussion tool entitled Cards Against Inequity. This beautifully designed deck of cards is intended to increase awareness by providing information and resources and by sparking conversations. And while language is always evolving, we are confident that these cards will be informative and will challenge the reader to think about equity and inclusion in our unions.

A list of references and additional resources is available in the toolkit.