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January 11, 2024

Safe Hours Save Lives!
Study on safe working hours for nurses

Save Hours Save Lives!

Study on safe working hours for nurses

Safe Hours Saves Lives delivers a critical examination of escalating burnout among Canadian nurses due to excessive work hours. This report underscores the dramatic increase in overtime and its impact on nurse well-being and patient safety. It draws upon data and expert insights to argue for essential legislative reforms. The report advocates for mandated safe hours of work regulations, robust fatigue management strategies and supportive work environments, paralleling safety measures in other industries, to protect both nurses and their patients. It serves as a blueprint for creating a sustainable and safe future in nursing, emphasizing the need for immediate action to reverse the current troubling trends.

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Watch our Safe Hours Save Lives webinar

Featuring Linda Silas, CFNU President, and Dr. Heather Scott-Marshall, President and Scientific Director at Mission Research

With work shifts reaching 24 hours, the risk to nurse and patient safety is at an all-time high. Governments need to act and explore ways to mandate safe work hours and better fatigue management for nurses.

During this webinar Dr. Scott-Marshall presented her findings delving into the real-world implications of dangerous fatigue levels among nurses. Following her presentation, Linda Silas hosted a Q&A on the topic.

Learn about:

  • The health impact of excessive working hours on nurses
  • The rise in risks to patient safety
  • Safeguards in place for other industries
  • Fatigue management