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March 13, 2019

The Big Money Club: Revealing the Players and Their Campaign to Stop Pharmacare


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In this report we ask:

The Big Money Club tells the story of the outsized influence of ultra-rich actors in the pharmacare debate in Canada. These actors see dollar signs in the preservation of the current system and are funding a campaign to protect their profits.

Though seemingly diverse, virtually all the opposition to pharmacare can be traced back to a network of well funded interests exerting their influence largely in secret. This Big Money Club are the only players who stand to lose from pharmacare. For the rest of Canadians, pharmacare would be a substantial gain.

The report reveals that pharmacare’s opposing voices – big pharma, big insurance and big money – are trying to influence Canada’s prescription drug coverage policy towards a hybrid, “fill the gaps” plan. This hybrid model would allow the Big Money Club to continue reaping enormous profits at the expense of governments and the people of Canada.

Canadians need to ask our government: whose interests will you defend?

Read the report.