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June 19, 2015

Before It’s Too Late: A National Plan for Safe Seniors’ Care

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As an organization representing close to 200,000 frontline nurses, the CFNU has a longstanding commitment to advocating for seniors’ care. We are increasingly hearing from frontline nurses across the country that seniors are being left behind in our health care system. Three in four seniors have at least one chronic condition, and almost a quarter have three or more. They need many different providers, treatments and prescription medications. They need continuity and coordination among services. To stay in their homes, they need short-term and sometimes extended home care support. When they are ready, they need access to quality, publicly funded long-term care with adequate and safe staffing. These resources are sorely lacking.

In keeping with the guiding principles of the Canada Health Act, seniors’ care must be equitable and inclusive across Canada. This means we need a national plan for safe seniors’ care, with long-term, dedicated funding and effective enforcement mechanisms. This plan must include a new standard which takes an integrated
approach to seniors’ care, considering the whole person, their diverse background and history, with the objective of improving the overall quality of seniors’ lives.

Download the report.