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October 28, 2019

President’s message regarding the 2019 federal election

Linda Silas | CFNU President

Dear nurses and supporters,

Thank you so much for being a part of the campaign for care, not cuts, in this federal election.

Canada’s nurses launched this campaign at our convention in June, aiming to make our voices heard and to highlight the upgrades our public health care system desperately needs.

In the intervening months, our campaign has reached millions of voters across the country, who sent thousands of emails to election candidates, echoing our message. We listened to what the major political parties offered voters, and analyzed the strength of their health care proposals to help voters weigh their options.

Our priorities were, and are, clear. We must ensure that: everyone has access to the prescription drugs they need; hospitals and facilities are safe and adequately staffed; our seniors receive the care they deserve; federal health care funding keeps pace with growing costs; and there are more appropriate and affordable child care options for working parents.

While the election results show that there is much work to be done to unify our country as a whole, they also show that the majority of voters believe that we should be investing in people, our planet, and caring for each other more, not less.

Perhaps most notably, three major political parties announced their support for pharmacare. With the current minority government, this presents a critical opportunity to actually implement a program that is supported by overwhelming evidence. As many people have pointed out, we have accomplished great things under minority governments, not the least of which is our national public medicare system.

We have no illusions. We know bringing about a national universal single-payer pharmacare program will take relentless advocacy. But nurses are no strangers to hard work, and I have no doubt that we have what it takes to hold politicians’ feet to the fire.

I’m ready to get this done for Canada.

Are you with me?

In solidarity always,

President, Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions


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