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August 23, 2019

Manitoba Nurses Union wins representation votes


Congratulations to the Manitoba Nurses Union for winning every union representation vote in the nursing sector! Health care workers across Manitoba were recently required to vote for new union representation as part of an imposed plan by the provincial government.

The CFNU joins MNU President Darlene Jackson celebrating this victory, and the show of unity it represents. Welcome to 500 new MNU members, who also become members of the Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions, uniting with nearly 200,000 nurses and student nurses across the country.

Find Darlene’s message below and on the MNU website.


Dear members,

The results are in, and I’m proud to announce that MNU has won every union representation vote in the nursing sector, including Shared Health, WRHA & Southern region!

  • Shared Health: 96.2% for MNU; 67.9% overall turnout
  • Southern: 96.6% for MNU; 68.1% overall turnout
  • WRHA: 90.9% for MNU; 64.4% overall turnout

We are humbled by the overwhelming support we have received from nurses. I want to thank every nurse who took the time to cast a ballot in these votes. It speaks to the incredible power of unity and the connection nurses feel within our profession. Our strength comes directly from our members, so it’s all of you that make MNU the strongest union in our province.

But nurses saw these votes as more. It was an opportunity to send a strong message that we are united and ready to bargain, and together, we did just that.

In addition to maintaining our membership, we’re thrilled to welcome over 500 new nurses to our ranks. Our strength as a union grows.

I want to thank all of our nurses organizers, local/worksite presidents, executive members, board members, ward reps, staff and even retirees  who worked tirelessly throughout the campaign to make sure nurses understood the importance of coming out to vote. It was a long campaign, made even tougher by busy summer schedules, but you did incredible work and we are so much stronger because of it!

When nurses work together, we are unstoppable. Now we must continue our work  to meet the challenges that lie ahead with the same strength we’ve shown through these votes.

Thank you for your continued support.


Darlene Jackson
MNU President