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April 27, 2018

MNU President Responds to Health Minister’s Refusal to Accept Evidence for Improving Long-Term Care

“On behalf of Manitoba’s nurses, I am disappointed that the Minister of Health will not consider evidence for improving long-term care for Manitoba’s seniors. Our report compiled independent research in Manitoba with evidence from across North America, and found that outcomes would improve by providing long-term care residents with more care, not less during their final stage of life.

“While we are encouraged that the Minister is not considering lowering guidelines for paid hours of care, it is greatly concerning that the minister has outright refused to consider our core recommendations. Ignoring the facts won’t make the issue disappear; demand for these services will only increase as our population ages and health care needs become more complex in long-term care settings. We hope the Minister reconsiders his position and takes time to meet with us.

“In Ontario, political parties are debating legislation to increase hours of care per resident per day. We believe Manitoba should follow suit and be a leader for improving care for Manitoba’s seniors. After all, this is an issue of importance to all Manitobans – we all have a loved one that already requires these services or will one day.”


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Matt Austman
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