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April 11, 2018

Letter of Support Regarding the Humboldt Tragedy



April 11, 2018

Tracy Zambory
Saskatchewan Union of Nurses

Dear Tracy,

Just a few hours after the tragedy in Tisdale, Saskatchewan, involving the Humboldt Broncos hockey team, a wave of shock, grief and sympathy was felt across the country for the families and communities of these young men. I, like all members of CFNU were part of this wave but in addition and as a nurse, my heart couldn’t stop thinking about the nurses and health care teams who worked in those receiving hospitals on that dreadful night and in the subsequent days.

As we know, being a nurse, we must have the right balance of professionalism and empathy. We must also provide the right mix of scientific knowledge and a caring hand or a comforting hug, then when all of that is done, without blinking an eye, we go back to our own family and friends.

Tracy, on my personal behalf and that of the 200,000 members CFNU represents, I would greatly appreciate if you could pass on CFNU’s strongest message of solidarity and pride to all of SUN’s team in particular to your members working at and represented by Mark Henderson, Royal University Hospital, Melissa South, Nipawin Hospital, and Crystal Kuras, Tisdale Hospital. Knowing that SUN nurses have performed both professionally and compassionately in such difficult circumstances, makes me the proudest nurse in the world.

Thinking of all of you.

Linda Silas

Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions