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October 4, 2019

Global Nurses United News Round-Up – October 4, 2019


Headline: ‘The truth must emerge’ from aged care royal commission

Headline: Aged care stakeholders tell inquiry how to improve services

Headline: Nurses, docs unite over aged care ‘crisis’

Headline: ​Likelihood of hospitalisation from aged care increases with poor staffing

Headline: Staff cuts feared in hospitals takeover

Headline: 5@5 October 4, 2019 – Central Coast Video News




Manchete: Enfermeiros de MT discutem papel do responsável técnico nas unidades de saúde do Estado

Headline: MT nurses discuss role of technicians in state health units




Titre: Dossier Cloutier-du Rivage : le syndicat des infirmières dénoncent « l’improvisation » du CIUSSS MCQ

Headline: Dossier Cloutier-du Rivage: nurses’ union denounces the “improvisation” by the CIUSSS MCQ

Headline: Real pharmacare should be an election issue

Headline: LHSC planning to close 49 beds at two locations to deal with deficit

Headline: LHSC closes 11 burn unit beds amid multimillion-dollar budget crunch

Headline: It’s been called a national crisis, so why isn’t opioid abuse an election discussion?

Headline: HSC makes plea to staff for additional nurses to manage growing number of patients




Headline: Around 2,000 Croatian nurses protest for higher pay

Headline: Protesting Nurses Seek 25% Pay Rise




Headline: Forced to dump toxic waste: GMCH nurses



Headline: ‘Beyond unsustainable’ – Nurses’ union calls for Government to act as number of patients without beds hits 610

Headline: Number of patients without beds in a single hospital hits record high

Headline: Number of patients without beds hits 10,641 in September

Headline: Over 80 patients waiting for admission to University Hospital Limerick

Headline: 388 patients waiting for hospital beds this morning

Headline: 70 year-old Limerick woman on hospital trolley for 105 hours

Headline: Overcrowding at Limerick hospital reaches record level

Headline: UHG is the second most overcrowded hospital once again

Headline: ‘Beyond crisis point’: Limerick hospital breaks record for number of patients waiting on trolleys

Headline: 10,000+ patients on trolleys in September




Headline: Agony of health staff denied pay for months



New Zealand

Headline: Workers join criticism of Wakari facilities




Manchete: Enfermeiros vão a tribunal por causa da contagem do tempo de trabalho

Headline: Nurses go to court over tracking of seniority




Titular: SATSE celebra la contratación de 30 enfermeras para los colegios

Headline: SATSE celebrates the hiring of 30 school nurses

Titular: En La Rioja hacen falta 653 enfermeras para alcanzar la ratio europea

Headline: In La Rioja, 653 nurses are needed to reach the European ratio

Titular: Satse logra 141.694 firmas en Andalucía para que el Congreso debata la elaboración de una Ley de Seguridad del Paciente

Headline: Satse achieves 141,694 signatures in Andalusia for Congress to debate the drafting of a Patient Safety Law

Titular: Satse denuncia la agresión a dos sanitarios en el centro de salud de Alcalá del Río

Headline: Satse denounces the assault on two health workers in the Alcalá del Río health center

Titular: Satse entregará el 3 de octubre las firmas para que la Ley de Seguridad del Paciente pueda llegar al Congreso

Headline: Satse will deliver signatures on October 3 so that the Patient Safety Law can reach Congress

Titular: Los 130 usuarios de la residencia de mayores de El Espinar se han quedado sin enfermeras

Headline: The 130 residents of the El Espinar nursing home are left without nurses

Titular: Una médico y una enfermera son agredidas en un centro de Salud de Alcalá del Río

Headline: A doctor and a nurse are attacked in a Alcalá del Río health center



United Kingdom

Headline: Nurses too busy to stop for a drink of water due to chronic NHS staff shortages

Headline: A&E crisis at three health trusts is blamed on shortage of 3,000 nurses

Headline: Nurses ‘can be leaders’ in climate change fight


Headline: Yvonne Coghill: ‘Cultural transformation’ is needed to tackle racial inequality

Headline: Nurses pay offer ‘divisive’ and ‘insulting’



United States

Headline: How Have Health Workers Won Improvements to Patient Care? Strikes.

Headline: At California Nurses Association headquarters, an art show highlights “recognition”

Headline: America’s nurses call for the impeachment of the President

Headline: Nurses’ Medicare For All campaign picks up key lawmakers

Headline: University of Chicago Medical Center nurses hope to avoid another strike as negotiations resume

Headline: How low unemployment is emboldening health care workers to strike

Headline: Local nurses strike for 24 hours

Headline: Illinois residents protest doubling of the Dakota Access Pipeline

Headline: Why Moms In Health Care Jobs Can’t Catch A Break – To Pump


Headline: National nurse committee approves new contract with St. Mary’s

Headline: Voicing their concerns

Headline: Saint Elizabeths confirms legionella bacteria found in water sample; says no one has been sickened

Headline: Registered nurses take concerns to city council

Headline: This economic system is killing this planet: Chicago residents demand the state halt the expansion of Dakota Access Pipeline


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