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December 3, 2018

Global Nurses United News Round-Up – November 30, 2018


Headline: Nurse training cancelled as Royal Hobart Hospital struggles

Headline: Nursing union calls for tighter tax discloser obligations on aged care providers

Headline: Aged care companies should be held to a higher standard, senate committee finds

Headline: Unpleasant odour sparks code yellow at Royal Hobart Hospital

Headline: Open up your books, let the public see them, Senate inquiry tells aged care sector

Headline: Health professionals want details of where $105 million will be spent

Headline: NSW Health: Manilla Hospital nurses demand better patient to staff ratios

Headline: CEO of troubled Sydney hospital resigns two days after opening

Headline: Woonona nursing home death sparks renewed calls for ratios

Headline: Unions demand deployment of additional security staff at public hospitals

Headline: Stabbed doctor demands more security after surgeon’s killer found guilty




Titre: Martin Beaumont quitte le CIUSSS MCQ

Headline: Martin Beaumont leaves CIUSSS MCQ

Headline: Nurses with Peterborough Public Health enter mediation talks

Headline: Nurses reach tentative deal with Peterborough Public Health

Headline: Thunder Bay health unit nurses ratify tentative deal

Headline: LHSC not alone in armband policy for potentially violent patients

Headline: Purple armbands necessary to protect nurses, union head says

Headline: Thunder Bay public health nurses back to work

Headline: Nurse strike averted after tentative agreement reached with Peterborough Public Health

Headline: AHS to build centralized drug production facility in Edmonton

Headline: Saskatchewan nurses applaud Alberta’s move to expand practice

Headline: Collaboration needed to address parking issue at Regina hospitals

Headline: Nurses frustrated over proposed parking meters near hospital

Headline: Babies born addicted to drugs up 42 per cent at St. Boniface Hospital

Headline: WRHA reports increase in babies born with drug addiction/withdrawal

Headline: Number of newborns with signs of drug withdrawal is increasing: Winnipeg health authority

Headline: N.B. government and Vitalité meet over closure of obstetrics unit in Bathurst

Headline: A nurse left her workplace because of PTSD. Now, she’s helping change it



Dominican Republic

Titular: Enfermeras realizan paro de 72 horas en hospital de SFM

Headline: Nurses strike for 72-hours at the SFM hospital

Titular: Asociación de Enfermería del IDSS suspende paro de labores VIDEO

Headline: IDSS Nursing Association suspends strike VIDEO

Titular: Enfermeras del IDSS levantan paro laboral

Headline: IDSS nurses lift strike

Titular: SNS anuncia serán intervenidos hospitales Salvador B. Gautier, Estrella Ureña y José Francisco Peña Gómez

Headline: SNS announces hospitals will be operated Salvador B. Gautier, Estrella Ureña and José Francisco Peña Gómez




Titular: Salud y enfermeras llegan a un acuerdo tras protesta

Headline: Health Ministry and nurses reach an agreement after protest

Titular: Trabajadoras de la salud protestaron en contra del cierre de las escuelas públicas de enfermería

Headline: Health workers protested against the closure of public nursing schools

Titular: ANEEAH del Hospital Escuela Universitario sigue en paro por exigencia de insumos

Headline: ANEEAH of the University School Hospital remains unemployed due to the demand for supplies

Titular: ANEEAH suspenden paro de labores programado para el miércoles

Headline: ANEEAH suspends strike scheduled for Wednesday

Titular: En paro de labores personal del Hospital Escuela Universitario

Headline: Staff strike at the Teaching Hospital




Headline: Nurses making ‘unsustainable wage demands’, Minister for Finance says

Headline: NURSE STRIKE Irish nurses’ union urges members to vote for strike action to dispute understaffing

Headline: Nurses and midwives threatened 24-hour strikes unless pay is increased

Headline: 100,000 patients on hospital trolleys so far this year

Headline: INMO says Government is exaggerating cost of pay claim

Headline: Patients aged over-75 are blamed as trolley figures soar past 100,000 for year

Headline: Seven children languishing on trolleys for more than nine hours in main hospital

Headline: Major overcrowding continues at University Hospital Limerick

Headline: 1 in every 6 patients waited over 24 hours for hospital bed





Headline: Why Nairobi nurses are threatening to go on strike

Headline: Yet again: Nurses issue a 21-day strike notice

Headline: Nurses table list of demands as strike beckons

Headline: Nurses strike: Demands and latest news

Headline: Sonko to sack nurses over strike



New Zealand

Headline: Family Planning nurses to go on strike for better pay

Headline: Nurse suffers second-degree burns after mental health unit patient throws boiling water over her

Headline: Coast nurses press case

Headline: New Zealand leans heavily on Filipino and Indian nurses to staff rest homes




Titular: Víctimas de la impunidad

Headline: Victims of impunity




Manchete: Paralisação dos enfermeiros cancelou mais de 500 cirurgias

Headline: Nurses’ strike canceled more than 500 surgeries

Manchete: Greve nos SAMS teve adesão elevada mas serviços funcionaram com precários – sindicato

Headline: Strike at SAMS had high adhesion but emergency services continued – union

Manchete: Enfermeiros entregam abaixo-assinado ao CHUA e à ARS

Headline: Nurses deliver the undersigned to CHUA and ARS

Manchete: Enfermeiros do Algarve entregam abaixo-assinado para exigir justiça na carreira

Headline: Algarve nurses deliver undersigned to demand fairness in their careers

Manchete: Enfermeiros manifestaram-se em Viseu contra injustiças no setor

Headline: Nurses demonstrated in Viseu against injustice in the sector



South Africa

Headline: Help sought over mortuary go-slow




Titular: Oleada de apoyos a Satse para limitar el ratio de pacientes por enfermero

Headline: Wave of support for Satse’s campaign to limit the ratio of patients per nurse

Titular: Satse advierte de la falta de enfermeras en la atención a niños y jóvenes

Headline: Satse warns of the lack of nurses in the care of children and young people

Titular: La austeridad lleva a la huelga a médicos de la primaria y concertada

Headline: Austerity leads to doctors’ strike

Titular: Emergencias muestra su rechazo a unificar el servicio en Bizkaia

Headline: ERs show refusal to unify service in Bizkaia

Titular: Un programa informático no apto par alas Urgencias del Hospital La Paz

Headline: Computer program not suitable for La Paz Hospital ER

Titular: Nueva protesta de SATSE en Sevilla para reclamar al SAS que “resuelva de una vez” las oposiciones

Headline: New SATSE protest in Seville to demand the SAS “resolve at once” the oppositions

Titular: Satse critica que la Junta apruebe una nueva oferta de empleo para el SAS “sin resolver las anteriores

Headline: Satse criticizes Board approval of new employment offers for the SAS “without resolving the previous ones”

Titular: Los profesionales de la salud en Utrera salen a las calles para denunciar una «situación insostenible»

Headline: Health professionals in Utrera take to the streets to denounce an “unsustainable situation”

Titular: Satse Castilla y León insta al PP a ser sensible a los problemas de los enfermeros

Headline: Satse Castilla and León urges the PP to be sensitive to the problems of nurses

Titular: Satse: “Ahora más que nunca, necesitamos más enfermeras y fisioterapeutas”

Headline: Satse: “Now more than ever, we need more nurses and physiotherapists”

Titular: ICS garantiza a las enfermeras ofertas publicas para estabilizar la plantilla

Headline: ICS guarantees nurses public offers to stabilize the workforce

Titular: SATSE muestra su rechazo al cambio horario en Primaria y cree que solo está pensado para los pediatras

Headline: SATSE shows its refusal to change time in Primary Care and believes that it is only intended for pediatricians

Titular: Madrid se compromete a empezar nuevo curso con enfermeros en los colegios

Headline: Madrid is committed to start a new course with nurses in schools

Titular: Satse reclama el turno de 12 horas en las unidades de hospitalización del Infanta Elena

Headline: Satse demands 12-hour shifts in the hospital units of Infanta Elena

Titular: Satse valora la sentencia sobre centros para mayores y critica que se hiciera a la “carta” para las empresas

Headline: Satse values ​​the ruling on centers for the elderly and criticizes the “letter” for companies

Titular: Some 400 people demonstrate to say “no to the ERE” of Juaneda

Headline: Unas 400 personas se manifiestan para decir “no al ERE” de Juaneda

Titular: La atención del 061, «en riesgo» en Navidad por la no cobertura de vacantes

Headline: The care provided by 061 “at risk” at Christmas due to the non-coverage of vacancies

Titular: Salud se compromete con Satse a aumentar en breve la plantilla de Urgencias del Juan Ramón Jiménez

Headline: Health Ministry works with Satse to briefly increase the staff of the Juan Ramón Jiménez Emergency Department



United Kingdom

Headline: ‘I cried until I couldn’t cry any more’ – student nurses head to Westminster in funding fight

Headline: RCN vows to continue fight as migrant NHS fee rise passes Commons

Headline: MP and former nurse to lead debate calling for return of student bursary

Headline: Health minister bows to pressure to rethink student nurse funding

Headline: Concerns over training burden under Scotland safe staffing bill

Headline: NHS winter pressures: Is the NHS ready in the North West of England?

Headline: Brexit could cause hospital staffing crisis

Emergency services continued th aron en contra del cierre de las escuelas publicas de enfermeria

Headline: UK cancer and children’s wards being hit by closures

Headline: Pay rise offered to Northern Ireland nurses amid strike threat

Headline: Nursing workforce ‘crucial’ to protecting child mental health



United States

Headline: How Newsom’s big win gives him a mandate on health care

Headline: Ascension Health commits structural sins of income inequality, capitalist excess

Headline: Nurses condemn use of tear gas on asylum-seeking families

Headline: Medicare for All: As Healthcare Costs Soar, Momentum Grows to Guarantee Healthcare for All Americans

Headline: All we love is on the line: Progressive coalition offers moral case and action plan to win Medicare for All

Headline: Acts against women commonly caused by partners

Headline: Patients, employees ask agency to stop or delay closing of Providence Hospital’s ER

Headline: House Democrats introduce a bill to protect millions of health care workers

Headline: VA Moving Hundreds of Professionals Back to Healthcare Jobs

Headline: Workplace violence against women commonly caused by intimate partners

Headline: Progressives not pleased with Dem leaders’ silence on Medicare for All

Headline: As Health Care Costs Soar, Momentum Around Medicare for All Grows

Headline: Dem single-payer fight set to shift to battle over Medicare ‘buy-in’

Headline: Walnut Creek nurse shares experience helping Camp Fire victims

Headline: Is Long Beach Facing A Nursing Shortage?

Headline: What Comes After the Blue Wave? A Q&A with David Duhalde

Headline: NLRB says there’s more evidence of Johns Hopkins’ interference with unionization

Headline: Blue wave crashes down on California senator who threatened lobbyist

Headline: California attorney general approves merger of Dignity, CHI but sets conditions

Headline: Saint John’s nurses strike after five months of contract negotiations


Headline: University of California Workers Strike for Racial Justice

Headline: Joel Anderson turns into political punchline

Headline: Nurses Picket for Better Patient Conditions

Headline: Tenant advocates celebrate Prop C’s historic victory and vow to keep fighting for affordable housing and fair rents

Headline: How Climate Change Affects Mental Health and Addiction

Headline: Senators want more tax help for federal employees who relocate

Headline: Senior care nurses welcome new legislation that addresses violence in the workplace


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