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March 31, 2020

Global Nurses United News Round-Up – March 27, 2020


Headline: Aged-care facilities ban visitors because of coronavirus pandemic

Headline: Coronavirus: hospital operator forced to stop some surgeries amid shortage of personal protective equipment

Headline: ANMF calls for immediate stop on all non-essential visits to nursing homes

Headline: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities must be protected from COVID-19 pandemic

Headline: ANMF and Health Minister say protective equipment stolen from hospitals

Headline: Help us help you: ANMF Tasmania launch COVID-19 campaign for frontline staff

Headline: Look after people not profit in the COVID-19 crisis

Headline: Protecting Australia’s most vulnerable from COVID-19

Headline: Nurses In Australia Issue Plea To Stop Violence, Theft Of Sanitizer And Masks

Headline: NSW Nurses and Midwives’ Association calls for extra 5000 nurses amid COVID-19 pandemic–spt.html

Headline: Two NSW workers deliberately coughed on




Headline: Safety Is Not Negotiable for Anyone – Including Healthcare Workers

Headline: Edmonton nurses defy order to resume COVID-19 testing without N95 masks

Headline: At least 2 Toronto hospitals begin rationing protective gear as COVID-19 crisis deepens

Headline: Jason Kenney dons N95 mask while Alberta’s nurses make do with less protective alternatives

Headline: How many health-care workers will die?

Headline: Edmonton nurses refuse to perform COVID-19 swabs without N95 masks

Headline: Hundreds of mental health workers offer free therapy to Ontario’s frontline COVID-19 staff

Headline: Hospitals rationing masks as they wait for promised supplies from Ottawa and provinces

Headline: ‘Extreme error’: ONA says LHSC dropped the ball securing protective equipment

Headline: Nurses in Guelph hospital say they’re being denied protective N95 masks

Headline: ‘There is absolutely a provincial shortage of supplies,’ says Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph Public Health

Headline: Ontario hospital staff told to ration masks as COVID-19 spreads

Headline: Nurses need more protective equipment in COVID-19 fight: Ontario Nurses Association

Headline: Coronavirus: Kitchener hospital responds to nurses association concerns about COVID-19

Headline: Ontario now telling nurses to quarantine if returning from travel

Headline: United Nurses of Alberta files bad-faith bargaining complaint against AHS

Headline: Alberta health-care workers will be screened for COVID-19 at the start of each shift

Headline: Nurses in Alberta refuse to perform COVID-19 test without face mask

Headline: COVID-19: Nurses demanding more protections before they conduct swab

Headline: ‘Calm before the storm’: Alberta hospitals prep for the worst

Headline: Cuts to Alberta nurses, public-sector jobs paused amidst COVID-19 outbreak

Headline: Frustrations continue for Saskatchewan nurses over lack of protective equipment

Headline: Concern rises for healthcare workers fighting COVID-19

Headline: Full Sask. budget shelved as COVID-19 makes revenue ‘very unpredictable’

Headline: Coronavirus: Saskatchewan nurses running out of swabs to test for COVID-19

Headline: Saskatchewan government failed to order key equipment and supplies until after COVID-19 arrived

Headline: Construction companies stockpile 1,300 respirators to help SHA

Headline: Coronavirus: Manitoba nurses worry about lack of ICU space, staffing vacancies

Headline: Health staff decry 14-day exemption

Headline: Mask shortage ‘like sending someone to a forest fire with a water pistol’: nurses union

Headline: Respiratory care at HSC overburdened, understaffed even before COVID-19, unions say

Headline: Manitoba health-care workers want action on child-care promise

Headline: Province pairs nearly 230 health-care workers with child-care supports amid COVID-19 closures

Headline: N.B. COVID-19 roundup: Up to 30,000 layoffs so far as confirmed cases climbs to 33

Headline: Theft of supplies concerns New Brunswick Nurses Union

Headline: Hospital staff report theft of supplies used to control spread of COVID-19

Headline: 65 seniors to be moved out of hospitals to make way for COVID-19 patients

Headline: Nurses’ union concerned about COVID-19, nursing home plan

Headline: N.S. regulators for doctors, nurses clear path for reinforcements amid COVID-19

Headline: March 14 and 15: Here’s how Nova Scotia is being impacted by COVID-19 today

Headline: Some nurses coming out of retirement to help during this pandemic

Headline: Daycare closures prove problematic for essential workers

Headline: P.E.I.’s chief of nursing says N95 respirator masks available

Headline: Newfoundland and Labrador unions call for better safeguards for health care workers

Headline: Nurses worried about daycare, COVID-19 protection

Headline: Health-care workers voice concerns about safety amid COVID-19 outbreak

Headline: As front-line workers infected by virus, Atlantic Canada unions seek protections

Titre: Des syndiqués du Nouveau-Brunswick pourront être réaffectés à des fonctions « essentielles »

Headline: New Brunswick union members may be reassigned to “essential” positions

Titre: COVID-19: les syndicats mettent de côté leurs négociations avec le gouvernement

Headline: COVID-19: Unions set aside negotiations with government

Headline: Health care workers’ unions push for expedited labour deal

Titre: Offre imprévue de Legault aux travailleurs de la santé

Headline: Unexpected Legault Offer to Healthcare Workers–le-decret-de-la-ministre-mccann-est-tres-mal-recu-par-les-syndicats-1

Titre: COVID-19 : le décret de la ministre McCann est très mal reçu par les syndicats

Headline: COVID-19: Minister McCann’s decree poorly received by unions

Titre: COVID-19: Nos experts répondent à vos questions

Headline: COVID-19: Our experts answer your questions

Titre: Québec veut suspendre les négociations avec le secteur public en raison de la pandémie

Headline: Quebec wants to suspend negotiations with the public sector due to the pandemic

Titre: Pandémie de coronavirus: des employés de la santé limités à deux masques par jour

Headline: Coronavirus pandemic: health workers limited to two masks per day

Titre: Coronavirus: manque «flagrant» d’équipements partout dans le réseau de la santé

Headline: Coronavirus: “glaring” lack of equipment throughout the health network

Titre: COVID-19 : plusieurs infirmières jugent l’équipement inadéquat

Headline: COVID-19: several nurses deem the equipment inadequate



Dominican Republic

Titular: Muere Virgilio Lebrón, dirigente histórico de los enfermeros del IDSS por coronavirus

Headline: Virgilio Lebrón, historical leader of IDSS nurses, dies of coronavirus

Titular: (VIDEO) Fallece miembro del sindicato de enfermeras del IDSS por coronavirus, según informa hija

Headline: (VIDEO) Member of the IDSS nurses union dies of coronavirus, daughter reports









Headline: Nurses, janitors, lab assistants: Faces in front-line of battle




Headline: Anger as health workers find their cars clamped after doing extra hours

Headline: Thousands could get sick as Covid-19 crisis deepens

Headline: Coronavirus: Student nurses will be paid for pandemic work

Headline: Coronavirus: Government urged to show plans to deploy 4,500 student nurses

Headline: 50,000 in three days apply to be ‘On Call for Ireland’ in response to HSE plea

Headline: Mike Ryan of WHO: ‘Only reuse protective gear if no other option’

Headline: INMO: No room for compromise on protective equipment for frontline health staff

Headline: INMO warn still no childcare solutions in place for healthcare workers




Headline: Coronavirus: Kenya introduces tight restrictions

Headline: State, counties scale up Covid response

Headline: Kenyan nurses at coronavirus ward begin go-slow



New Zealand

Headline: Covid 19 coronavirus: Concerns that hospital nurses have no access to masks

Headline: Covid-19 live updates, March 26: Without lockdown, 89% of NZ could be infected

Headline: NZNO Calls For Decisiveness And Unity In COVID-19 Response

Headline: Nurses must be given personal protective equipment now

Headline: Coronavirus: Police will enforce COVID-19 restrictions if necessary – Commissioner Mike Bush

Headline: Hospital staff accuse cops of dumping violent patients at hospital




Titular: Nursing Association and Unions issue statement

Headline: Asociación de Enfermería y Gremios lanzan comunicado

Titular: Enfermeras piden ser incluidas en la estrategia de Salud

Headline: Nurses ask to be included in the Health strategy

Titular: Enfermeras ruegan insumos de protección contra coronavirus.

Headline: Nurses beg for supplies of protection against coronavirus.




Headline: Coronavirus: Philippines seeks 215 who attended Malaysia event

Headline: Southeast Asia ramps up virus containment efforts

Headline: Coronavirus: Philippines quarantines island of 57 million people

Headline: Health workers blast gov’t stimulus package as bulk goes to tourism sector, not health services

Headline: Top cardiologist who died due to COVID-19 was ‘a tower of strength and leadership’

Headline: ‘Militarist’ COVID-19 response ‘may lead to bigger crisis,’ groups warn

Headline: Frontliners combat COVID-19 amid rotten public health system

Headline: ‘Use national government’s P6.10 billion of quick response funds for COVID-19 response’ – solon

Headline: Coronavirus: Demand for Filipino nurses increases in Europe

Headline: Massive hiring of nurses, not only call for volunteers

Headline: Ways sought to augment medical workforce

Headline: Hospitals appeal for face masks




Manchete: Covid-19: Sindicato dos enfermeiros pede a ministra que intervenha em Resende

Headline: Covid-19: Union of nurses asks the minister to intervene in Resende

Manchete: Sindicato dos Enfermeiros recebeu denúncia: “Em Ovar acabou equipamentos de proteção”. Autarquia nega: “É falso”

Headline: Union of Nurses received reports: “In Ovar there is no more protective equipment”. Autarchy denies: “It is false”

Manchete: Covid-19: Sindicato crítica falta de informação sobre enfermeiros infetados no Alto Minho

Headline: Covid-19: Union critical over lack of information on infected nurses in Alto Minho

Manchete: COVID-19: Enfermeiros do Algarve denunciam más condições de trabalho

Headline: COVID-19: Nurses in the Algarve report poor working conditions



South Africa

Headline: Coronavirus: KZN hospitals facing mask shortages

Headline: Covid-19: Community healthcare frontliners left out of planning and training, says nurses union



South Korea

Headline: South Korea appears to have greatly slowed the new cases of COVID-19. Warm-hearted solidarity will bring victory to us.




Titular: SATSE: “La supresión de permisos a las enfermeras puede resultar contraproducente”

Headline: SATSE: “The removal of permits to nurses can be counterproductive”

Titular: Satse pide más enfermeras, respiradores y equipos de proteccón individual

Headline: Satse demands more nurses, respirators and personal protective equipment

Titular: SATSE reclama material de protección para enfermeras en residencias de mayores

Headline: SATSE demands protection material for nurses in nursing homes–7735

Titular: Coronavirus: Enfermería exige cifras de profesionales afectados y aislados

Headline: Coronavirus: Nursing requires number of affected and isolated professionals

Titular: SATSE denuncia la falta de equipos de protección en los centros sociosanitarios

Headline: SATSE denounces the lack of protective equipment in health centers

Titular: Las enfermeras: “Nos estamos preparando para lo nunca visto”

Headline: Nurses: “We are preparing for the never before seen”

Titular: SATSE pide más protección para las enfermeras

Headline: SATSE demands for more protection for nurses



Sri Lanka

Headline: Dealing with COVID-19 crisis in Sri Lanka



United Kingdom

Headline: Nurses must be able to rest, says Royal College of Nursing chief

Headline: Royal College of Nursing backs BerkshireLive’s NHS Heroes campaign

Headline: Guernsey Nurses ‘will walk out’ once Coronavirus threat passes

Headline: Coronavirus in Scotland: Nursing chief in plea for better equipment

Headline: NHS staff fighting coronavirus pandemic still forced to pay hospital parking charges

Headline: NHS missing 10,000 nurses since Brexit as Europeans avoid moving to the UK


Nurses on coronavirus frontline facing ‘abhorrent’ abuse from public




United States

Headline: UC San Diego Health System Nurse Says Equipment May Not Be Enough

Headline: ‘What It’s Like To Be An ER Nurse On The Front Lines Of Novel Coronavirus’

Headline: Some states have seen a ‘phenomenal increase’ in coronavirus tests — but U.S. still lags far behind

Headline: Doctors Fear Being Taken Out of the Game by Infected Patients

Headline: ‘We’re grossly unprepared’: Nurses share their frustration as the coronavirus spreads with little direction from the government or hospitals on how to mitigate it

Headline: Health care workers concerned over federal facial protection standards during coronavirus outbreak

Headline: Federal Employees Worry Their Agencies Aren’t Keeping Them Safe from Coronavirus

Headline: Nurses, doctors exposed to COVID-19 who miss work may lose their job under aid bill

Headline: Trump to meet with nursing industry representatives

Headline: Coronavirus updates from March 17, 2020

Headline: Head of largest nurses union in US says they ‘don’t have protections they need’ from coronavirus

Headline: Covid-19 hits doctors, nurses and EMTs, threatening health system

Headline: CA nurses call for more protection, equipment and training to treat COVID-19 patients

Headline: Concerns over preparedness mount as VA hospitals brace for new coronavirus wave

Headline: Too many coronavirus patients, too few ventilators: Outlook in US could get bad, quickly

Headline: California health providers postpone elective surgeries to prepare for coronavirus surge

Headline: Nurses say Kaiser not taking sufficient precautions with coronavirus

Headline: Bay Area health care workers dealing with coronavirus short of crucial face masks

Headline: Kaiser Nurses Demand Proper Protective Gear vs. Coronavirus

Headline: Local Nurses Speak Up About Lack of Supplies

Headline: Frontline Nurses Condemn Trump’s Racism and Cruelty Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

Headline: Nurses in Sonoma, Marin counties voice outrage over shortage of protective masks, other equipment


Headline: Las Vegas nurses: ‘Not enough supplies’ to protect themselves, patients

Headline: Concerns over preparedness mount as VA hospitals brace for new coronavirus wave


Headline: Nurse drops hammer on Trump administration for treating healthcare workers as if they are ‘expendable’

Headline: Imports of Medical Supplies Plummet as US Demand Soars

Headline: ‘We Need to Act Now and Act Fast’: Nurses, Health Workers Warn of Protective Gear Shortage as Coronavirus Crisis Grows

Headline: U.S. CDC, Emory University Set Up Sites to Check Coronavirus Symptoms Online

Headline: Health industry scrambles for funding in third coronavirus bill

Headline: ‘This system is doomed’: Doctors, nurses sound off in NBC News coronavirus survey

Headline: Nurses: We Need Protective Gear. Now.

Headline: Health care workers are running out of face masks. They’re asking people to donate.

Headline: Amid shortage, Pence says millions of masks available ‘now’ for hospitals to buy

Headline: Nurses protest to demand safety and equipment as they treat coronavirus patients

Headline: NYC Public Hospital Worker Warns “We Should Expect the Worst” From Coronavirus

Headline: Imports of medical supplies plummet as demand in US soars

Headline: Hospitals ask veterinarians, dentists for supplies

Headline: Sonoma County nurses voice outrage over shortage of protective masks, other equipment

Headline: Medical Center nurses, one infected, say hospital needs more personal protective equipment

Headline: On outbreak’s front lines, medical workers fear mask rationing will heighten risks

Headline: Kaiser Nurses: Supply Shortages Endanger Staff, Patients

Headline: Health Care Workers Are Facing Burdens That Put Everyone at Risk

Headline: Local dermatologist makes masks for her office so she can donate their surgical masks

Headline: Nurses Protest Lack Of Personal Protective Equipment In COVID-19 Pandemic

Headline: Nurses Call for More Protective Gear, Training in the U.S.


Headline: Most local hospitals seeking personal protective gear donations

Headline: Trump says ‘not easy’ to find critical medical gear

Headline: Here’s what we know about N95 masks

Headline: Hospital Workers Warn Of ‘Doomed’ System To Deal With Coronavirus

Headline: Healthcare Professionals Are ‘Truly Scared to Come to Work’ amid Coronavirus Supply Shortage

Headline: Here’s What Could Happen If Doctors Get COVID-19

Headline: ‘A Patriotic and Moral Requirement’: Healthcare Workers, on Frontlines of Coronavirus Pandemic, Demand Protective Equipment

Headline: US hospitals face mounting financial struggles, equipment shortages, as coronavirus spreads

Headline: Hospitals brace for COVID-19 cases, clamp down on visitors

Headline: TV Doctors Donate Medical Supplies to Real-Life Hospitals

Headline: ‘Horror Story After Horror Story’: A Frontline Nurse Discusses the Crisis

Headline: Health care associations fear lack of protection from virus

Headline: Nurses: California Needs to Do More on Protective Gear

Headline: Nurses Demand Feds ‘Step It Up’ To Protect Health Care Workers On Front Line Of COVID-19

Headline: CDC suggests nurses use bandanas, scarves during face mask shortage


Headline: Health Care Workers Implore Government For Masks To Protect Against Coronavirus

Headline: US nurses in dire need of personal protective equipment, union says

Headline: Nurses at Kaiser Roseville, South Sacramento say hospitals aren’t taking proper coronavirus precautions for workers

Headline: Health care workers concerned over federal facial protection standards during coronavirus outbreak

Headline: Nurses Petition Congress For COVID-19 Protection

Headline: U.S. CDC, Emory Univ set up sites to check coronavirus symptoms online

Headline: Feds must increase production of personal protective equipment and COVID-19 test kits

Headline: Health Care Workers on Front Lines of COVID-19 Outbreak Lack Key Protections

Headline: UChicago Medicine Nurses Demand More Protective Equipment as Number of COVID-19 Cases Grows

Headline: Nurses’ union: State needs to do more on protective gear

Headline: Nurses Expressing Concerns Over Lack Of Protective Equipment

Headline: HCA, nurses scrap over union organizing during coronavirus outbreak

Headline: Two US doctors in critical condition with COVID-19, dozens more infected

Headline: Bernie Sanders May Be Losing, But COVID-19 Is Keeping Medicare for All Alive and Well

Headline: Cuts in Wisconsin hospitals push nurses to the limit

Headline: Coronavirus drives surge in demand for temp healthcare workers

Headline: Safety concerns spark hospital-employee clash

Headline: Nurses take to social media to protest surgical mask policy

Headline: With N-95 Collection Drive, Nurses gear up for Challenge Ahead

Headline: Nurses launch campaign against CDC’s OK of bandannas and scarves

Headline: Nurses Knew How to Fix Health Care. We Should’ve Listened

Headline: PPE shortages leave providers scrambling during pandemic — 5 key things to know

Headline: Workers See Coronavirus Mismanagement. Unions Are Helping Them Speak Out

Headline: University, Hyde Park, Chicago Respond to Coronavirus

Headline: Coronavirus pandemic straining medical supplies, forcing nurses to reuse masks with “no protection”

Headline: Coronavirus Latest: PA Task Force One Found Setting Up Tents At Citizens Bank Park For Possible Mass Testing Site, Sources Say

Headline: Amid shortage, Pence says millions of masks available ‘now’ for hospitals to buy

Headline: Trump’s coronavirus response leaves federal workers, unions, confused and upset

Headline: US hospitals postpone non-emergency procedures amid coronavirus pandemic

Headline: Nurses in Bangor to discuss coronavirus safety precautions Saturday afternoon

Headline: Bay Area Kaiser nurses protest lack of personal protective equipment

Headline: In California, protective equipment shortage pushes nurses to consider drastic action

Headline: Union Says UC Davis Medical Center ER Nurse Tested Positive For COVID-19

Headline: Hospitals restricting masks, prompting outcry from their own work forces

Headline: Nurses Take To The Streets To Demand Protective Gear

Headline: Patient Dies at Good Samaritan a Day Before Testing Positive for COVID-19, Employees Worry About Exposure: Sources

Headline: PPE & Face Masks are Running Out – Nurses Fear That They Are Being Infected By COVID-19

Headline: ‘This is like a tsunami coming down on us.’ East Bay health workers say they are unprepared as COVID-19 cases climb

Headline: 2 South Bay Hospital Employees Test Positive for COVID-19: Sources

Headline: Coronavirus surge will strain California hospitals, Gov. Gavin Newsom warns

Headline: Amid PPE Shortage, Clinicians Face Harassment, Firing for Self-Care

Headline: Hospitals could face severe shortages of nurses, beds and blood. How California is responding

Headline: UC San Diego nurses call for adequate protective equipment

Headline: Surge plan calls for state to lease Daly City hospital for ‘thousands’ of COVID patients

Headline: Union Says Nurse Diagnosed With Coronavirus

Headline: The battle to protect health care workers on the front lines of the coronavirus pandemic

Headline: San Diego Nurse Talks About Safety Equipment Shortages, Stress On Health Workers

Headline: UCSD Health Workers Voice Concerns Over Coronavirus Protective Equipment

Headline: Coronavirus: Bay Area sewers are making thousands of homemade masks. But will hospitals take them?

Headline: Coronavirus: 7 ways you can help Bay Area doctors and nurses right now

Headline: ‘Just Keep Up the Faith’: Workers Are Stepping Up to Beat the Coronavirus

Headline: Bay Area health care workers dealing with coronavirus short of crucial face masks

Headline: Even before coronavirus, infectious disease was on rise in California — but spending got cut

Headline: Life as a Health Care Worker on the Coronavirus Pandemic Front Lines

Headline: This Is Life For Emergency Professionals On The Frontline Of The Coronavirus Outbreak

Headline: Minnesota Nurses Association calling for N95 face mask donations amid shortage

Headline: Minnesota nurses asking public to donate unused N95 masks

Headline: Gov. Tim Walz: Minnesota should see COVID-19 as winter, not a blizzard

Headline: ‘Tension in our chests’: Minnesota nurses on frontlines of COVID-19 say more equipment needed

Headline: First responders ask Minnesota lawmakers to take action during COVID-19 pandemic

Headline: Minnesota Nurses Association asks for community to donate protective masks

Headline: How you can help Minnesota nurses and first responders

Headline: MN doctors and nurses concerned about personal protection equipment shortage

Headline: Mask by mask, Minnesotans answer call for gear for health care workers


Headline: Minnesota nurses spearhead drive for protective equipment

Headline: Minnesota hospitals prepare for coming surge in COVID-19 patients

Headline: How Essentia nurses prepare for COVID-19 spread

Headline: What It’s Like To Be A Nurse On The Front Lines Of The Coronavirus Pandemic

Headline: Community health centers worried about mask shortage closing their doors

Headline: Minnesota Senator, Doctor On Front Lines To Make A Difference In COVID-19 Battle

Headline: St. Luke’s confirms 7 layoffs so far, reductions in hours; Essentia weighs options

Headline: Amid concern for their safety, health care workers test positive for coronavirus

Headline: State of the Union under pandemic shut-downs

Headline: North Dakota coronavirus news, March 25: Bismarck activates emergency operations center–cases-in-north-dakota-rise-to-workers-comp/article_f0c7553d-e948-5b60-afcc-aee04bdd7ffa.html

Headline: COVID-19 cases in North Dakota rise to 45; workers’ comp extended to first responders

Headline: Maine State Nurses Association stresses hospital requirements to keep healthcare workers safe

Headline: Coronavirus hits as Maine struggles to rebuild public health system

Headline: D.C. public hospital emergency room doctor tests positive for coronavirus


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