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March 18, 2019

Global Nurses United News Round-Up – March 15, 2019


Headline: Fulham Prison nurses escalate industrial action this week

Headline: Nurses seek pay rise

Headline: Tasmanian hospital workers to step up industrial bans

Headline: Public sector unions flag full-day strikes as latest Tasmanian Government pay offer rejected

Headline: Tasmanian public sector unions vow increased industrial action

Headline: Macarthur nurses band together to fight for better staff to patient ratios

Headline: Illawarra NSWNMA members step up campaign for ratios

Headline: Election candidates pledge to reinstate registered nurses around the clock

Headline: State of emergency: healthcare a sore point in NSW election

Headline: Singleton and Maitland nurses rally in support of improved nurse to patient ratios

Headline: Hundreds of health jobs vacant across NSW




Headline: Canada’s national pharmacare should include a national drug agency and formulary: report

Titre: Agression sauvage d’une infirmière à l’hôpital Georges-L.-Dumont

Headline: Brutal assault of a nurse at the Georges-L.-Dumont Hospital

Titre: Infirmière agressée : un homme de 69 ans d’Acadieville a été arrêté, puis libéré

Headline: Assaulted nurse: 69-year-old man from Acadieville arrested and released

Titre: Le commissaire à la santé devrait analyser les conséquences de la réforme Barrette

Headline: The health commissioner should analyze the consequences of the Barrette reform

Headline: Expert panel says country needs new agency to oversee pharmacare program

Headline: ‘Deep-Pocketed’ Lobby Groups Are Trying to Stop Universal Pharmacare in Canada, New Report Warns

Headline: UPDATE: Public health nurses hit the picket line (GALLERY)

Headline: Windsor-Essex public health nurses strike, several programs cancelled

Headline: Hotel-Dieu Grace Healthcare launches violence prevention campaign

Headline: Windsor-Essex public health nurses ‘overwhelmingly’ vote to strike at midnight

Headline: Striking nurses collecting diapers for Downtown Mission

Headline: Nurses rally in Windsor to back wage demands

Headline: Changes to Manitoba’s health-care system to be passed into law

Headline: Manitoba reviewing hospital security

Headline: Enrolment in critical care nursing course drops as WRHA pledges to recruit nurses

Headline: Hospital attack leaves Moncton nurse injured, prompts calls for improved safety

Headline: Man arrested after alleged attack leaves Moncton nurse with head trauma, broken nose




Titular: Auxiliares de enfermería anuncian asambleas a nivel nacional

Headline: Auxiliary nurses announce assemblies nationwide




Headline: Talks between INMO and government to return to Labour Court as union rejects new nurses’ deal

Headline: New nurses contract ‘inadequate’ – talks with government stall

Headline: Nurses criticise ‘unreasonable’ contract offer tabled by Government

Headline: Cork nurses reject government attempts to stretch LC recommendations

Headline: For The 2nd Day, There Are More Patients On Trolleys At Naas Than At Any Other Eastern Region Hospital.




Headline: COTU and nurses reject plans to hire health workers on contract

Headline: Kenya: Atwoli Opposes Move to Hire Nurses on Contract




Titular: Acuerdan paro de labores
Headline: Work stoppage agreed



New Zealand

Headline: Nurses’ impassioned plea in favour of pay equity: ‘We can’t afford to live in the communities we work in’

Headline: Dangerous that nurses can’t afford to live near hospitals, says union

Headline: Overstretched aged care staff say residents ‘lie in pain rather than making a fuss’

Headline: Damning survey shows aged care workers are burnt out, understaffed and unable to provide adequate care

Headline: Nurses unions launch campaign calling for greater staffing numbers at aged care facilities




Titular: Directora de OPS/OMS visita el país

Headline: Director of PAHO / WHO visits the country





Headline: Nurses with careers of 20 years earning the same as new colleagues is an “atrocious injustice,” says union

Manchete: Milhares de enfermeiros na marcha pela enfermagem em Lisboa

Headline: Thousands of nurses on the march for nursing in Lisbon

Manchete: Marcha dos enfermeiros. Sindicato vai protestar na Organização Internacional do Trabalho

Headline: Nurses march. Union will protest at the International Labor Organization



South Africa

Headline: Yusuf Dadoo doctors clean and cook for patients after workers down tools

Headline: Yusuf Dadoo employees are demanding answers




Titular: Las víctimas de maltrato denuncian un 20% más si les atiende una enfermera

Headline: Victims of abuse report 20% more often if a nurse attends to them

Titular: 48 médicos y dos enfermeros han dirigido la política sanitaria: un resultado que no convence a Satse

Headline: 48 doctors and two nurses have directed health policy: a result that does not convince Satse

Titular: Satse pide la colaboración ciudadana para acabar con los disfraces de ‘enfermera sexy’

Headline: Satse calls for citizen collaboration to end ‘sexy nurse’ costumes

Titular: «Un solo enfermero no puede atender a 16 pacientes en una planta hospitalaria»

Headline: «A single nurse cannot treat 16 patients in a hospital facility»

Titular: SATSE acusa al INGESA de infringir “el plazo de apertura de la bolsa de trabajo”

Headline: SATSE accuses INGESA of infringing upon “the job board opening period”

Titular: Podemos anuncia aumentar el número de enfermeras de la comunidad si gana las elecciones

Headline: We can announce an increased number of nurses in the community if you win the elections

Titular: SATSE denuncia falta de enfermeras en la planta de Pediatría del hospital Infanta Margarita

Headline: SATSE denounces the lack of nurses at the Infanta Margarita Pediatrics Hospital

Titular: SATSE reclama al SESCAM un concurso de traslados “abierto y permanente”

Headline: SATSE demands SESCAM implement an “open and permanent” transfer process

Titular: Satse exige más recursos si crecen las competencias para los enfermeros

Headline: Satse demands more resources if scope of work for nurses grow

Titular: Satse critica las medidas de incentivación de la Junta al “discriminar”a los enfermeros y fisioterapeutas

Headline: Satse criticizes the incentive measures by the Board that “discriminate” against nurses and physiotherapists

Titular: Satse vuelve a reclamar que los colegios tengan un enfermero escolar

Headline: Satse returns to demand that schools have a school nurse

Titular: El personal de enfermería pide apoyo para que la ley fije un máximo de pacientes por profesional

Headline: Nurses ask for support for law that sets a maximum number of patients per nurse–6568

Titular: Petición en bloque para que los fármacos peligrosos sean “factor de riesgo”

Headline: Petition to block dangerous drugs classified a “risk factor”

Titular: Satse pide valentía a las administraciones para acabar con las desigualdades laborales

Headline: Satse calls for courage from administration to end labor inequalities

Titular: SATSE denuncia ante el SESPA la precaria situación de los eventuales

Headline: SATSE denounces to SESPA the precarious situation of eventualities

Titular: Piden una ley para que todos los enfermeros de Castilla-La Mancha tengan los mismos pacientes

Headline: Demands for a law so that all nurses at Castilla-La Mancha have the same number of patients

Titular: Satse propone a Jesús Aguirre un proyecto de Ley contra las agresiones a los profesionales sanitarios

Headline: Satse proposes to Jesús Aguirre a draft law over aggressions against health professionals

Titular: Las mujeres son víctimas del 88% de agresiones que sufre el personal sanitario en Córdoba

Headline: Women are victims of 88% of aggressions suffered by health personnel in Córdoba

Titular: Satse urge al SES aplicar permisos para profesionales por ingresos de mismo familiar

Headline: Satse urges SES to grant permission to professionals for family member income

Titular: Satse pide que el Parlamento de la Región apoye una Ley que garantice la seguridad del paciente

Headline: Satse demands regional parliament support a law that guarantees the safety of patients

Titular: Satse pide al Sescam que se reconozca a Enfermería y Fisioterapia como grupo A

Headline: Satse demands Sescam recognize Nursing and Physiotherapy as group A

Titular: Satse alerta de que las mujeres fueron “principales víctimas” de las agresiones a profesionales en 2018

Headline: Satse warns that women were “main victims” of the aggressions against professionals in 2018

Titular: El SATSE denuncia la falta de uniformes para enfermeros del CHUO

Headline: SATSE denounces the lack of uniforms for nurses at CHUO

Titular: El Satse presiona para evitar la conversión de dos plazas de enfermeros en estatutarios en Ponferrada y Cacabelos

Headline: Satse presses to avoid the conversion of two places for nurses in Ponferrada and Cacabelos



United Kingdom–hancock/

Headline: Some nurses still stand up when doctors enter the room – Hancock

Headline: Focus: A brief history of men in nursing

Headline: Scottish hospitals ‘stretched to breaking point’ as number of nursing vacancies reaches record high

Headline: UK nurses unite over ‘punishing’ pay deal in Northern Ireland

Headline: Hundreds of NHS nurses worse off despite pay rise



United States

Headline: It’s time for legislators to prove democracy exists by passing Medicare for All

Headline: St. Alexius nurses vote to unionize

Headline: ANA Nurses Not Ready To Follow Union On Medicare For All

Headline: ‘They May Have the Money… We Have the People’: Sanders Calls for Citizen Co-Sponsors of Medicare for All

Headline: Labor unions wield increased clout in crowded Democratic 2020 race

Headline: ‘Medicare-For-All’ Gets Buzzy In Unexpected Locales

Headline: Budget cuts: Trump fiscal plan is a right-wing wish list

Headline: Minnesota Hospitals Charge Average of 212 Percent More Than Cost of Care, Study Finds

Headline: D.C. officials drop lawsuit seeking to prevent Providence Hospital closure

Headline: ‘Medicare-for-all’ gets unexpected surge of support, even in red states

Headline: Take on the Fossil Fuel Bosses

Headline: Hospital groups say public option would cut payments by 10%

Headline: Big Pharma, Insurers and Hospitals Team Up to Kill Medicare for All

Headline: Nurses at O’Connor and St. Louise hospitals vow to strike Tuesday

Headline: Nurses walk out after sale of hospitals to Santa Clara County

Headline: Capitol Tracker: No new single-payer health care bill introduced this year

Headline: CHI St. Alexius nurses vote to unionize with Minnesota Nurses Association


Headline: DFL South Metro Senior Caucus meeting is March 13

Headline: Exposing Medicare for All Imposter—Area-de-la-Bahia-507074162.html

Titular: Enfermeras se declaran en huelga al sur de la Bahía

Headline: Nurses declare strike in South Bay

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