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January 8, 2019

Global Nurses United News Round-Up – January 7, 2019

Australia Headline: Aged care staff ratios ‘would save $2.6 billion’, study finds Headline: New analysis indicates staffing ratios in aged care also provide economic benefits Headline: Launceston General Hospital theatre nurses walk off the job over enterprise agreement negotiations Headline: John Pollaers and ANMF Federal Secretary Annie Butler join forces to push Government for staffing ratios Headline: Moruya nurses rally for more staff Headline: Midwives beg for support as hospitals grapple with staff shortages 1f0d402f605 Headline: Right to health service will place nurses in ice-rage danger     Bolivia Headline: Bolivia Rolls Out Universal Health Care To 5.8M Uninsured     Canada Headline: Manitoba Nurses Union urges province to slow down on changes as OT surges at Grace Headline: New illicit drug task force will look for ways to fight meth, opioid crisis in Manitoba Headline: Overtime hours increase 77 per cent in Grace Hospital’s critical care unit Headline: 2018 IN REVIEW: Big changes and more on the way for province’s healthcare system Titre: Des infirmières auxiliaires pour pallier le manque de préposés dans des CHSLD privés Headline: Auxiliary nurses to make up for the lack of attendants in private CHSLDs Titre: Des urgences bondées et risquées pour les patients Headline: Crowded and risky emergencies for patients     Dominican Republic Titular: Enfermeras deploran falta de atención en hospitales Headline: Nurses deplore lack of attention in hospitals     Guatemala Titular: Ministerio de Salud trasladará a 5 mil empleados a renglón permanente Headline: Ministry of Health will move 5 thousand employees to permanent status     Honduras Titular: Nueva ministra de Salud viene con deseos de dialogar y “eso es un buen mensaje” Headline: New Minister of Health comes with a desire to dialogue and “that’s a good message” Titular: Enfermeras auxiliares anuncian asambleas informativas a partir del lunes Headline: Auxiliary nurses announce informational assemblies as of Monday Titular: Enfermeras auxiliares anuncian asambleas informativas para el 7 de enero del 2019 Headline: Auxiliary nurses announce informational assemblies for January 7, 2019     Ireland Headline: ‘WE’LL MAKE GOVT PAY’ Nurses and midwives to strike in New Year as INMO vote 95% in favour of industrial action Headline: INMO votes for strike action over pay and staff shortages Headline: GPs label HSE Service Plan a ‘disgrace’ which nurses claim has no funds for safe staffing levels Headline: Nurses and midwives vote overwhelmingly to strike over pay Headline: Up to 35 nurses unable to work over Christmas period due to work permit backlog Headline: Strikes imminent as 95% of nurses and midwives back action over pay Headline: ‘RESOLVE THE CRISIS’ Shocking record 108,227 hospital patients on trolleys last year as 2018 is revealed as worst year on record for overcrowding Headline: 2018 was worst year on record for hospital overcrowding – INMO Headline: Nurses and midwives say strikes could still go ahead Headline: University Hospital Limerick was the worst for overcrowding last year     Kenya Headline: Nurses union issues six-week strike notice over unmet demands Headline: KNUN threatens to call for a national-wide nurses’ strike Headline: Mystery Ifmis account used to steal nurses cash     New Zealand Headline: DHB’s turbulent year Headline: Nurses protest after vandalism, break-ins at Middlemore Hospital staff car park objectid=12166295 Headline: Whanganui news year in review: July 2018     Portugal Manchete: Sindicato dos Enfermeiros Portugueses marca greve de quatro dias em janeiro Headline: Union of Portuguese Nurses marks four-day strike in January Manchete: Sindicato dos Enfermeiros Portugueses ameaça voltar à greve em Janeiro Headline: Union of Portuguese Nurses threatens strike again in January Manchete: Sindicato dos Enfermeiros Portugueses admite novas formas de luta em Janeiro Headline: Union of Portuguese Nurses to adopt new forms of struggle in January Manchete: Enfermeiros do Centro exigem pontos para descongelar progressões na carreira Headline: Center nurses demand a fix to unfreeze career advancement Manchete: Sindicato diz que Governo admite criar categoria de enfermeiro especialista Headline: Union says government concedes creations of new category of specialist nurse Manchete: PROBLEMAS NOS CUIDADOS DE ENFERMAGEM NO DOURO SUL Headline: PROBLEMS IN NURSING CARE IN THE SOUTH DOURO Manchete: Enfermeiros desconvocam greve geral de quatro dias (mas ainda outras greves marcadas) Headline: Nurses unveil four-day general strike (but still other strikes marked)     South Africa Headline: WATCH: Thousands of nurses remain unemployed     Spain Titular: Satse reclama una norma que proteja a los profesionales en el uso de los medicamentos peligrosos Headline: Satse calls for a rule that protects professionals in the use of dangerous drugs Titular: Satse: “Seguimos sin avances para acabar con las agresiones a enfermeras y enfermeros” Headline: Satse: “We still have no progress in ending attacks on nurses” Titular: Satse Valencia continua con su campaña contra los servicios farmacéuticos asistenciales Headline: Satse Valencia continues its campaign against the pharmaceutical care services Titular: Satse CyL se moviliza mañana ante la Consejería por la mejora de sus derechos laborales Headline: Satse CyL to protest tomorrow at the Health Ministry for the improvement of their labor rights Titular: Enfermeras piden firmas en la Alameda, Triana, Los Remedios y Nervión para pedir efectivos Headline: Nurses collect signatures in Alameda, Triana, Los Remedios and Nervión in support of pay raise Titular: Los enfermeros critican a la Consejería ante la “ausencia de disponibilidad” para negociar su “penosa situación laboral y retributiva” Headline: Nurses criticize the Council due to the “lack of readiness” to negotiate their “painful labor and retaliatory conditions” Titular: Una concentración pide al SAS destinar recursos para poner en marcha la sexta ambulancia en el Distrito Sevilla Headline: Gathering asks SAS to allocate resources to start sixth ambulance service in Seville District Titular: Satse reclamará ante el TSJA la actualización de las listas de matronas Headline: Satse will demand that the TSJA update the roster of midwives Titular: También los enfermeros demandan más plazas Headline: Nurses also demand more seats Titular: Satse celebra que la gerencia del CHOP difunda el término “enfermera” Headline: Satse celebrates that CHOP management disseminates the term “nurse” Titular: “Serían necesarias 300 enfermeras más para llegar a la ratio segura” Headline: “300 more nurses would be needed to reach the safe ratio” Titular: SATSE pide el “apoyo” de la Consejería de Salud “para lograr la Ley de ratios enfermeras” Headline: SATSE requests “support” from the Ministry of Health “to achieve the Nursing Ratios Law” Titular: Los enfermeros quieren llevar su agenda a los programas electorales del 26M Headline: The nurses want to take their agenda to the electoral programs of 26M Titular: El INE no volverá a referirse a las enfermeras y matronas como ‘ATS’ y ‘comadronas’ Headline: The INE will no longer refer to nurses and midwives as ‘ATS’ and ‘midwives’ Titular: El SERIS deberá resolver las solicitudes de Grado de Carrera Profesional Headline: The SERIS must resolve applications for a Professional Career Degree Titular: La enfermera embarazada cobrará todo el prorrateo aunque no haga guardias Headline: Pregnant nurses will receive all proration although they do not do inspections Titular: Faltan enfermeros en los geriátricos por las malas condiciones, según SATSE Headline: Nurses are missing in nursing homes due to poor conditions, according to SATSE Titular: Satse alerta al futuro gobierno andaluz de que “no permitirá agravios” hacia Enfermería o Fisioterapia Headline: Satse notifies the future Andalusian government that “discrimination will not be tolerated” against nurses or physiotherapists Titular: Satse urge al SAS a publicar los certificados profesionales Headline: Satse urges SAS to publish professional certificates Titular: Asturias tiene menos de 6 enfermeras por cada mil habitantes, casi tres menos que la media Europea Headline: Asturias has less than 6 nurses per thousand inhabitants, almost three less than the European average Titular: Satse rechaza los 34 millones de las Cuentas para quitar listas de espera con «peonadas» Headline: Satse rejects the 34 million Euros for removing waiting lists with «peons» Titular: SATSE Madrid reclama la contratación de más personal sanitario ante la inminente saturación de urgencias por la gripe Headline: SATSE Madrid demands the hiring of more health personnel before the imminent saturation of emergencies due to influenza Titular: Satse denuncia que las enfermeras del Castilla del Pino son sustituidas por personal de categoría inferior Headline: Satse denounces that the nurses of Castilla del Pino are replaced by lower category staff Titular: SATSE C-LM celebra la recuperación de las 35 horas y pide su “correcta aplicación” al personal sanitario Headline: SATSE C-LM celebrates the recovery of the 35 hour work week and asks for its “correct application” to health personnel     United Kingdom Headline: NHS will still be short of nurses in five years, Dalton warns Headline: Thousands back nurses’ campaign to scrap parking charges as NHS staff forced to pay £2.7m a year in fees Headline: Revealed: Stressed NHS nurses took more than one MILLION days off sick last year as bosses are warned staff are becoming exhausted by workload§ionIs=news&searchyear=2019 Headline: Hospitals ‘cashing in on the sick’     United States Headline: NURSES’ UNION SUPPORTS LEGISLATION TO PREVENT WORKPLACE VIOLENCE Headline: The Best Strategy for the House Dems? Fight for Major Reforms. Headline: Johns Hopkins wrote the rules on patient safety. But its hospitals don’t always follow them. Headline: District Files Lawsuit in Providence Hospital Closure, Nurses Applaud City for Action Headline: Judge denies District’s request to force Providence Hospital to stay open Headline: Is it time for Medicare-for-all? Headline: Where Does the Democratic Left Go From Here? Headline: The House Will Have Just As Many Moderate Democrats As Progressives Next Year Headline: St. Joseph management fires back at criticism over ‘excessive’ restraint use Headline: St. Joseph Hospital speaks on possible citation for restraint use Headline: Medicare for All is a Fight to Democratize the Economy Headline: 2019: The Year of Medicare for All Headline: Nurses Union Demands All 2020 Candidates Establish Strong Sexual Harassment, Pay Equity Policies Headline: Government, union leaders fight closure of Catholic hospital serving DC’s poorest Headline: To See Who Stands With People Over Lobbyists, Progressive Campaign Pressures Democrats to Quickly Hold Vote on Medicare for All Headline: Organized labor in California as 2019 begins Headline: As Centrist Democrat Who Lost Reelection Attacks Medicare for All, Progressives Respond With the Facts Headline: Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke is leaving. Lands fights for public over profit continues.  

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