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February 7, 2020

Global Nurses United News Round-Up – February 7, 2020


Headline: Global nursing leaders demand better guidance on Coronavirus



Headline: Time to act to keep our nurses and midwives safe




Headline: ‘It’s becoming the norm’: Headwaters Hospital runs above capacity 35 per cent of the time

Headline: Hospital charged by Ministry of Labour with violations of Occupational Health and Safety Act

Headline: Health-care worker unions dismayed at AHS report’s push for privatization

Headline: The UCP’s propaganda machine goes after Alberta’s registered nurses

Headline: Red Deer hospital reaches overcapacity

Titre: Des changements proposés au système de santé inquiètent des infirmières en Alberta

Headline: Proposed changes to health system concern Alberta nurses

Headline: N.B. nurses protest outside court to show support for nurse who was attacked

Headline: Nurses Union demands better security as trial begins for man accused of hospital attack

Headline: Trial for man accused of assaulting Moncton nurses begins

Titre: Danielle McCann : « On aimerait que les médecins travaillent davantage »

Headline: Danielle McCann: “We would like doctors to work more”

Titre: Sécurité dans les hôpitaux : « une situation épouvantable »

Headline: Safety in hospitals: “an appalling situation”

Titre: Violente agression dans un hôpital : premiers témoignages en cour

Headline: Violent assault in a hospital: first testimony in court

Headline: Southlake faces 9 charges, fines up to $13.5M in assault case

Headline: Ontario nurses group urges strict protections against novel coronavirus

Headline: 9-1-1 Emergency: A call for ailing Sask. hospital system to help seniors

Headline: Thompson Hospital operating room repair delays ‘upsetting and frustrating’

Headline: Nurse prescribing delayed but still on the way for Nova Scotia


Titre: Un sit-in dans un CHSLD de Trois-Rivières

Headline: A sit-in at a CHSLD in Trois-Rivières

Titre: Excédé par le temps d’attente, un patient tabasse un infirmier

Headline: Overcome by the wait time, a patient assaults a nurse

Titre: Les urgences psychiatriques de Montréal débordées

Headline: Montreal psychiatric emergency rooms overwhelmed




Titular: Sindicato denuncia mal estado de Hospital de Mazatenango

Headline: Union denounces poor condition at Mazatenango Hospital




Titular: ANEEAH y el Secretaria de Salud cerrarán acuerdos el próximo jueves

Headline: ANEEAH and the Ministry of Health will close agreements next Thursday

Titular: Enfermeros hondureños mantienen huelga ante amenaza de despidos

Headline: Honduran nurses continue strike against threat of layoffs

Titular: Auxiliares de Enfermería realizan paro de labors en desacuerdo al aumento salarial

Headline: Nursing assistants strike over disagreement with the salary increase

Titular: Enfermeras continuarán en asambleas informativas por falta de acuerdo con el Gobierno

Headline: Nurses will continue with information assemblies because of the lack of an agreement with the government

Titular: Enfermeros exigen incremento salarial de 2 mil Lempiras

Headline: Nurses demand a salary increase of 2 thousand Lempiras

Titular: Continúa por tercer día huelga de enfermeras en Honduras

Headline: Nurses strike in Honduras continues for a third day



Hong Kong

Headline: China coronavirus: Hong Kong nurses call in sick in protest at government refusal to close borders




Headline: 640 patients waiting admission to hospital bed – INMO

Headline: Spike in number of patients on hospital trolleys as 640 wait for a bed

Headline: Staff in Irish hospitals assaulted over 1,000 times in 2019 – according to figures

Headline: 518 patients waiting for admission to hospital bed, says INMO

Headline: ‘Full escalation’ status announced for Cork hospital amid severe overcrowding

Headline: Nursing union: CUH needs more staff as well as beds

Headline: Staff in Irish hospitals assaulted over 1,000 times last year – but union warns it’s ‘tip of iceberg’

Headline: Second worst month for overcrowding ever sees over 1,000 on trolleys in Limerick and Cork

Headline: INMO seeking details from HSE about coronavirus preparations–8e7f234d-1e01-4805-971a-da47469d054a-ds

Headline: CUH “desperately” needs beds as twenty promised beds remain closed

Headline: INMO: 5 People Are On Trolleys At Naas General Today.

Headline: 287 People Were Treated On Trolleys At Naas General This Month.




Headline: Meru health workers give terms to avert looming strike



New Zealand–union

Headline: Coronavirus: New Zealand nurses can refuse to work if worried about safety – union

Headline: Safety concerns as oppressive heat taking toll at Hawke’s Bay Hospital

Headline: Waitematā DHB seeks national guidance on consent for procedures




Headline: “Fight nCoV!”

Headline: Nurses demand protective gear, transparency in coronavirus fight

Headline: Nurses save lives and survive inhumane conditions




Manchete: Hospital de Santarém compromete-se a avaliar reivindicações dos enfermeiros

Headline: Santarém Hospital to evaluate nurses’ claims

Manchete: Milhares na rua exigem que o Estado «dê o exemplo» e valorize os seus trabalhadores

Headline: Thousands in the street demand that the state “set an example” and value its workers

Manchete: Enfermeiros concentram-se frente à ARS/Norte a reivindicar progressão na carreira

Headline: Nurses organize in front of the ARS / Norte to demand career advancement

Manchete: Hoje é dia de greve e manifestações da Função Pública

Headline: Today is a day for strikes and public service demonstrations

Manchete: Sindicato exige reforço de enfermeiros para nova urgência do Hospital Litoral Alentejano

Headline: Union demands reinforcements for nurses at new emergency room at Hospital Litoral Alentejano

Manchete: Enfermeiros do Hospital Litoral Alentejano reclamam progressões e novas contratações

Headline: Nurses at Hospital Litoral Alentejano demand career advancement and new hires




Titular: Las agresiones a personal sanitario siguen subiendo en 2019

Headline: Assaults against health personnel continue to rise in 2019

Titular: Implantar la figura de la enfermera escolar «solo supondría unos 17 euros al año por habitante»

Headline: Employing school nurses “would only involve about 17 euros per year per person”

Titular: ​El sindicato Satse pide al PSOE su apoyo a la Ley de Seguridad del Paciente

Headline: The Satse union asks the PSOE to support the Patient Safety Law

Titular: Urgencias saturadas y sin camas libres en el Hospital de Arganda del Rey

Headline: Overcrowded emergencies without free beds at the Arganda del Rey Hospital

Titular: “Contar con enfermeras es clave en la lucha contra el cáncer”

Headline: “Having nurses is key in the fight against cancer”

Titular: Satse Valladolid advierte de la eliminación de decenas de contratos de enfermeras en el Hospital Clínico

Headline: Satse Valladolid warns of the elimination of dozens of nurses’ contracts at the Clinical Hospital

Titular: Satse denuncia la destrucción de contratos de enfermeras en el Clínico de Valladolid

Headline: Satse denounces the destruction of nurses’ contracts at the Valladolid Clinic

Titular: Enfermería, unida ante la incertidumbre de las enfermeras de prisiones

Headline: Nursing profession, united in the face of uncertainty over prison nurses

Titular: El Infanta contrata a 73 profesionales de Enfermería

Headline: El Infanta hires 73 Nursing professionals



Sri Lanka

Headline: GNOA conducted a press conference  to make the public aware regarding coronavirus



United Kingdom

Headline: Beyond the bedside

Headline: Nurses forced to field concerns as contraception shortages cause ‘chaos’

Headline: Coronavirus: RCN publishes resource for nurses

Headline: ‘I sell kitchenware but should be nursing cancer patients’

Headline: Of course nursing is undervalued – it is still seen as women’s work

Headline: UK nurses paid less because ‘caring is what women do’

Headline: More than half of London nurses want to leave due to cost of living

Headline: I’m a nurse and I deserve to be paid more

Headline: Helen McArdle: It’s a sad indictment of how women are valued that we don’t invest more in nursing



United States

Headline: Public worker health and safety hinges on protecting our rights

Headline: Minnesota Democrats descend on Iowa


Headline: ‘Victory for Workers!’: House Praised for Passing Landmark PRO Act to Strengthen Unions and Labor Rights

Headline: PRO Act passes; BlueGreen Alliance says green union jobs possible

Headline: Former OSHA chief: U.S. sitting on protocol to fight coronavirus

Headline: Newsom health care commission meets for first time, single-payer system on the table

Headline: Piecemeal privatizing at VA?

Headline: California Reopens The Single-Payer Debate

Headline: Minnesota Nurses Association Reports Progress in Negotiations with Mayo Clinic Mankato

Headline: ‘What Is Going On Here?’: M Health Fairview Cuts At St. Paul Hospitals Alarming Staff, Community

Headline: Nurses continue contract negotiations with Mayo Clinic Health System-Mankato

Headline: Union-led Coalition Takes on Proposed Hospital Cuts

Headline: Councilwoman Kate L. Triggiano endorses Bernie Sanders for Prez




Titular: Gremio de enfermeros advierte que Venezuela no está preparado para enfrentar el coronavirus

Headline: Nurses’ union warns that Venezuela is not prepared to face the coronavirus

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