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April 8, 2019

Global Nurses United News Round-Up – April 5, 2019


Headline: ‘Stabbed nurse’ reports prompt Canberra Hospital safety concerns

Headline: ‘Too old to be seen’: 78-year-old with broken foot, bloodied face turned away from private hospital

Headline: Stakeholders say budget initiatives only a start

Headline: Mentally ill fill emergency department beds




Headline: Nurses on the brink of striking




Manchete: SES Tranquiliza Comissão Sindical Da Saúde Sobre Novo Contrato Da FHS
Headline: SES assures union health commission on new FHS contract




Titre: Les infirmieres seront mieux protegees

Headline: Nurses will be better protected

Titre: Des mesures législatives sur la violence au travail entrent en vigueur lundi

Headline: Legislation on workplace violence comes into effect Monday

Titre: Une journée sans temps supplémentaire forcé dans le réseau de la santé

Headline: A day without overtime forced into the health network

Titre: Grève des heures supplémentaires des infirmières lundi prochain

Headline: Nurses’ overtime strike next Monday

Titre: Heures supplémentaires obligatoires: briser le cycle

Headline: Mandatory overtime: breaking the cycle

Headline: Quebec nurses to hold daylong overtime strike April 8

Headline: Nova Scotia union says – help the sick!

Headline: How Billionaires and Big Pharma Battled Canada’s National Drug Plan

Headline: Striking nurses reject tentative agreement with Windsor-Essex County Health Unit

Headline: Nurses, health unit resume talks as strike continues

Headline: Strike continues as public health nurses vote against tentative deal

Headline: Photos: Nurses’ challenge aims to help needy

Headline: Petition to stop health-care cuts Toronto-bound

Headline: NDP delay Tory health care bill

Headline: “Tone Deaf” Nurses Ad Gets Pulled

Headline: Violence on the job could decrease with new changes in provincial law, nurses say

Headline: Most nurses don’t feel safe, NSGEU survey finds

Headline: Quebec nurses to strike against mandatory overtime Monday



Dominican Republic

Titular: FEDOSALUD reiniciará acciones de luchas por nivelación salarial

Headline: FEDOSALUD will restart actions of struggles for wage equality




Headline: INMO to recommend members accept proposals to resolve pay dispute

Headline: Nurses will move onto a higher pay scale in less than two years – but face curbs on double jobbing

Headline: ‘No longer anything to fear’: INMO calls on members to accept proposals to resolve pay strike

Headline: Trolley crisis: ‘You’ve elderly people in there and they have no dignity’


Headline: Limerick University Hospital overcrowding like a ‘scene after a major natural disaster’

Headline: Limerick hospital has ‘worst ever’ number of patients on trolleys

Headline: Majority of nurses see contract as ‘good deal’



New Zealand

Headline: ‘A daily struggle’: Tauranga nurse backs up report on resident neglect in aged-care

Headline: NZNO strongly supports gun law change




Headline: Filipino nurses decry deteriorating working conditions




Manchete: Urgência pediátrica do Garcia de Orta em risco de fechar a partir de 13 de abril

Headline: Pediatric ER at Garcia de Orta at risk of closing after April 13

Manchete: Governo dos Açores vai contabilizar todo o tempo de serviço congelado dos enfermeiros

Headline: Azores government will fully count nurses’ frozen service time

Headline: Nurses union spouses strike for first few days in April




Titular: Nace una plataforma para lograr que haya profesionales de Enfermería en centros escolares

Headline: A platform is created to get nursing professionals in schools

Titular: Satse: “No podemos esperar a 2025 para tener cupos de profesionales de Enfermería”

Headline: Satse: “We cannot wait until 2025 to have seats for Nursing professionals”

Titular: Condenado por amenazar de muerte a un médico y a una enfermera en el ‘Lafont’

Headline: Individual convicted of threatening to kill doctor and nurse in ‘Lafont’

Titular: Piden explicaciones a Salud sobre “la improvisación” ante “el cierre de las urgencias nocturnas de Olite”

Headline: Explanation demanded from Health Ministry about “impromptu” measures before “the closure of overnight ER in Olite”

Titular: CC.OO., UGT y Satse aplazan la huelga de la sanidad concertada hasta el 18 de junio

Headline: CC.OO., UGT and Satse postpone agreed upon health strike until June 18

Titular: El Satse denuncia falta de información sobre el plan de choque del SAS

Headline: Satse denounces lack of information on the SAS’s shock plan

Titular: Piden que se compense la dedicación exclusiva de enfermeros y fisios

Headline: SATSE demands compensation over the exclusive dedication of nurses and physiotherapists

Titular: SATSE Salamanca consigue que los enfermeros sustitutos dispongan de equipos de protección individual

Headline: SATSE Salamanca gets personal protective equipment for substitute nurses

Titular: SATSE insta a la Consejería que el Sacyl denuncie las agresiones a sanitarios

Headline: SATSE urges Ministry that Sacyl denounce aggressions against healthcare workers

Titular: Satse gana las elecciones sindicales del SMS y crece en número de delegados

Headline: Satse wins SMS union elections and increases the number of delegates

Titular: Las enfermeras denuncian la saturación de camas en la UCI del Hospital General

Headline: Nurses denounce the crowding of beds at General Hospital’s ICU

Titular: Sindicatos llaman a secundar huelga el 12 de abril y el 17 de mayo en Atención Primaria de Osakidetza

Headline: Unions call for second strike on April 12 and May 17 in Osakidetza Primary Care

Titular: SATSE pide al consejero de Presidencia de la Junta que las enfermeras recuperen la jornada de 35 horas

Headline: SATSE demands from the advisor to the Board President that nurses regain 35-hour day

Titular: El sindicato Satse reclama personal de vigilancia en el centro de La Longuera

Headline: Satse demands security personnel at La Longuera headquarters



United Kingdom

Headline: Decision on nurses pay expected later today

Headline: A&E nurses face new legal duty to spot ‘warning signs’ of knife violence

Headline: NHS told to stop relying on personal resilience of stressed staff and offer more support

Headline: NHS staffing shortages may hamper delivery of long-term plan



United States

Headline: Will patient limits help nurses but hurt hospitals?

Headline: Nationwide Campaign Urges Cities and Towns to Pass Resolutions Supporting Medicare for All

Headline: How a Group of Unapologetic Progressives Scored Big Wins in Chicago’s Elections

Headline: Jayapal Confronts Top Pelosi Aide for ‘Inappropriate’ Effort to Undermine Medicare for All

Headline: “The Status Quo Is Not Sustainable”: How Medicare for All Would Fill Gaps in Obamacare Coverage

Headline: Illinois Nurses, Hospital CEOs At Odds Over Patient Limits

Headline: Will patient limits help nurses but hurt hospitals? Nursing advocates, health administrators square off on bill that would mandate ratios.

Headline: Major Nurses Union Calls Medicare X Plan ‘Sub-Par and Wholly Inadequate to Address the Healthcare Crisis’

Headline: Nursing shortage hitting medical field

Headline: These Democrats Represent Some of the Bluest Districts. So Why Don’t They Support Medicare for All?

Headline: Kaiser, union coalition return to bargaining table

Headline: Pelosi Accused of Deploying ‘Most Dishonest Argument’ Against Medicare for All

Headline: Nurses Volunteering To Help Migrants Dropped Off In Arizona

Headline: Lawmakers to push worker safety bills, but timetable uncertain

Headline: The Militarization of Johns Hopkins Exposes a Nationwide Trend

Headline: We must keep organizing for demilitarization

Headline: Nurses At Two East Bay Hospitals Stage One-Day Picket Over Contract Talks

Headline: Nurses Picket at San Leandro Hospital

Headline: Bernie Sanders bets big on Medicare-for-All

Headline: Nurses picket San Leandro Hospital

Headline: Coalition urges CA Governor to shut down Aliso Canyon facility, halt new fossil fuel projects

Headline: Hospitals understaffed, Duluth nurses say

Headline: It is time for paid sick leave in Maine

Headline: Nurses fight to hang onto seniority