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August 12, 2016

International Youth Day 2016

To mark International Youth Day 2016, the Canadian Labour Congress has launched two new reports on young workers’ issues. These reports lay out the issues that young workers face, but also celebrate this generation as one of the most civic-minded and activist in history.

Diving Without a Parachute: Young Workers Versus a Precarious Economy is a special report which explores key topics for young workers: jobs, education, diversity and equality, activism and engagement, and presents key points of discussion on the future of work for young people. This paper is a short primer for members and the public.

To download a copy, click here. Please note that this report is currently available in English only.

Diverse, Engaged, and Precariously Employed: An in-depth look at young workers in Canada is a comprehensive research paper which explores demographics, education and student debt, poverty, unions, and civic activism. This paper is a resource for researchers, unions, and policy makers.

To download an English copy, click here. To download a French copy, click here.

Both of these reports point to the need for the federal government and employers to invest more in job training and employment opportunities to help young Canadians break away from the ongoing cycle of precarious work and unemployment. They also highlight the importance of the labour movement continuing outreach to young workers and incorporating their priorities and experience into our work.