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March 4, 2022

Canada's nurses stand with Ukraine


The Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions stands in solidarity with the people of Ukraine, and the nurses and health care workers caught up in this war.

“Nurses and health care workers are dedicated to healing and care, even as this war grows. We must ensure they are safe while they work through another crisis, supporting their communities,” said Linda Silas, CFNU President.

As the International Council of Nurses states, targeting or attacks against health care workers and facilities goes against international regulations and the Geneva convention – a right that must be protected throughout this and other conflicts.

The CFNU condemns the Russian targeted attacks of health care facilities, and the invasion of Ukraine. In support of nurses and health care workers on the ground in Ukraine, the CFNU is proud to donate to the ICN Humanitarian Fund and Doctors Without Borders as they continue to provide care through this crisis.

As the conflict grows, we must stand together as a global community.