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Canada’s nurses know that a national pharmacare program for everyone will save lives and save money.

When patients can’t afford their medicines, nurses are often the first to see the negative impacts on health. Canada has an aging population paying among the world’s highest prices for prescription drugs.

Since 1991, the CFNU has called on federal and provincial governments to work together to build a program that would cover needed prescription medications for everyone in Canada. Over the subsequent nearly three decades, we have worked hard to build momentum towards this goal by conducting and publishing groundbreaking research, meeting regularly with MPs, ministers and premiers, presenting before parliamentary committees and premiers’ summits. Pharmacare is a common sense solution to high prescription drug costs and financial barriers in accessing medicines. Here are some quick facts.

A 2017 report by the Parliamentary Budget Officer found that in a worst-case scenario pharmacare would save $4.2 billion health care dollars per year in Canada.

By implementing a pharmacare plan for everyone, Canada will bring down inflated prescription drug prices, while ensuring prescription drugs are accessible to all Canadians, regardless of income.

As momentum grows, the CFNU will redouble our efforts to convince political leaders that national pharmacare is right for Canada.

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