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March 11, 2022

A message to nurses: A million thank-yous could never be enough

Nursing Shortage

March 11, 2022, marks the second anniversary of the worst storm we have ever experienced in our health care system and because of you – Canada’s nurses – we are surviving.

On behalf of every nurse union leader across the country and in every workplace: we have seen you in action, and we are so proud.

For more than 730 days, your unions have fought for strong public health measures and appropriate occupational safety measures such as quality PPE, while you have worked in conditions that just two years ago, we thought were unimaginable.

Working short-staffed, unprotected, scared and tired, you continued to do your best to give safe patient care in all kinds of difficult health care settings. Take a second and be very proud of that!

I know saying thank you is not nearly enough. While nurses have done an incredible job caring for Canadians through the pandemic, I know you cannot continue this way. We are committed to fixing this nursing shortage and changing health care workplaces for the better.

Working together, we will ensure employers provide safe staffing, so your workloads are reasonable, and you have the time and energy to laugh and smile with patients and enjoy your work again.

Stay safe and strong, my friends.

In solidarity always,

Linda Silas,
CFNU President.