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December 24, 2023

A holiday message from Linda Silas

As the holiday season approaches, I want to express my gratitude to every single nurse across Canada. This year has been exceptionally challenging for all health care workers, especially nurses. Yet again, our leaders have relied on your dedication and resilience to hold up our cherished public health care system.

I want you to know you’re not alone. Canadians value what you do and have your back. A resounding 96 per cent of Canadians recognize the critical importance of nurses in our health care system, according to a recent poll by the CFNU. Please know, an overwhelming 90 per cent of Canadians are deeply concerned about the nursing shortage, and the impact it’s having on our clinics, hospitals and, most importantly, on you.

These figures are not just numbers; they represent a loud, loud call to action for our leaders to address every single challenge you’re experiencing on the job so you can continue to care for your patients, who appreciate you so much.

During this holiday season, I hope you find time to rest and reconnect with your loved ones. Let us remember the strength we have as a community. Continue to support each other by taking every opportunity to lift your fellow nurse.

The CFNU and your local will always be committed to you, working to enhance your work-life balance and restore respect to our profession.

Wishing you all a peaceful, safe and healthy holiday season.

In solidarity,

Linda Silas, President
Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions