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Workplace Violence Toolkit

Statistics on Workplace Violence in Ontario

These sources provide a quantitative snapshot of violence and safety in the health care workforce in Ontario.


By the Numbers: 2017 Statistical Report

Workplace Safety & Insurance Board of Ontario

The report highlights health and safety trends in Ontario, including injuries, fatalities and return-to-work results.

Domestic Violence at Work: Investigating the Impact of Domestic Violence Perpetration on Workers and Workplaces

DV@Work Network

Details results of a survey (Scott, K.L., et al., 2017) intended to increase our understanding of the impact of domestic violence perpetration on workers and workplaces, to help raise awareness of the intersection of DV perpetration and workplace safety and productivity, and provide relevant and useful data.

The reporting and consequences of workplace violence in six Ontario Hospitals

Institute for Work and Health

This presentation (May 2018) explores the incidences, impacts, and reporting of violent events at six different hospitals and explores the data relationships involved in reporting.

Violence Should not Be Part of Our Job

Ontario Nurses’ Association

54% of surveyed ONA members say they have experienced physical violence or abuse in the workplace, 85 per cent say they have experienced verbal abuse, 39 per cent report other forms of violence/abuse, and 19 per cent say they have experienced sexual violence or abuse.

The Statistics: Health Care Is Still Dangerous Work

Ontario Nurses’ Association

In 2017, health care workers had more lost-time injuries due to workplace violence than manufacturing, construction and mining combined. 863 lost-time WSIB claims were accepted for health care workers in Ontario, compared to 119 in manufacturing, 19 in construction and 0 in mining.

Hospital nurses and personal support workers at great risk of violence, new poll finds

Ontario Council of Hospital Unions/CUPE

Violence against health-care workers ‘out of control,’ survey finds. Survey conducted by the Ontario Council of Hospital Unions show the prevalence of physical violence, non-physical violence, and sexual assault or harassment faced by frontline nurses.