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Workplace Violence Toolkit

Public Training - Central Canada

Public training offered in Quebec and Ontario.


Association paritaire pour la sante et la securité du travail du secteur affaires sociales

Agressions / Violence Training (Quebec)

Violence prevention training provided by the Joint Association for Occupational Health and Safety of the Social Affairs Sector.

Health Standards Organization

Partnering for the Prevention of Aggressive Behaviour (PPAB) (Ontario): Leading Practices

The Partnering for the Prevention of Aggressive Behaviour (PPAB) program (2011) involves nine monthly modules. This training program aims to prevent violent behaviors, increase the quality of care at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH), and improve the safety of staff and clients.

Public Services Health & Safety Association

PSHSA Courses (Ontario)

PSHSA aims to enhance violence prevention activities by delivering comprehensive training in the form of eLearning to classroom training.

Public Service Health & Safety Association

Workplace Inspections (Ontario) 

This training program instructs participants on the steps involved in a workplace inspection, as well as how to effectively implement these steps.

Public Services Health & Safety Association

Training Inventory (Ontario)

The Public Services Health and Safety Association offers eLearning, Classroom Training, and Free Webinars for both workers and employers so they have access to relevant occupational health and safety information.


Workplace Violence Prevention in Health Care Leadership Table

Training Matrix (Ontario): Capabilities Assessment

This tool is intended to be used to assess risk and the associated training for each unit based on their own unique setting, environment, patient population and established training. It is recommended that this tool be filled out by a multi-stakeholder assessment team.