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Public Training - British Columbia

Public training offered in the province of British Columbia.


British Columbia Nurses’ Union

Personal Resilience Workshops: Announcement for Event Series

The British Columbia Nurses’ Union has approved a  series of personal resilience workshops for nurses across the province. These workshops will help you identify and recognize signs of compassion fatigue and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in yourself and in your colleagues.

Health Employers Association of British Columbia

E-Learning Modules. Online Courses 

The Provincial Violence Prevention Curriculum (PVPC) was developed in 2010 to fill a need for effective recommended and provincially recognized violence prevention (VP) education for all British Columbia health care workers. It is available online and consists of the following 8 modules:

  • Module 1: Introduction to Violence Prevention
  • Module 2: Recognize Risks and Behaviours
  • Module 3: Assess and Plan Part 1 – Complete Point-of-Care Risk Assessments
  • Module 4: Assess and Plan Part 2 – Develop Behavioural Care Plans
  • Module 5: Respond to the Risk Part 1 – Perform De-escalation – Communication
  • Module 6: Respond to the Risk Part 2 – Perform De-escalation Strategies
  • Module 7: Respond to the Risk Part 3 – Determine When and How to Get Help
  • Module 8: Report and Communicate Post-Incident

SafeCare B.C.

Workshops & Events

SafeCare BC is committed to providing outstanding professional development for continuing care workers in BC as well as connecting continuing care workers to other professional development opportunities.

SafeCare B.C.

Violence Prevention Training Gets Boost with Train-the-Trainer Program

Do you want to help reduce the impact of violence in the workplace? Then you might want to consider our Provincial Violence Prevention Curriculum Train-the-Trainer Program, a partnership with Fraser Health.