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Workplace Violence Toolkit

Policies & Resources - Workplace Violence Prevention Policies

This section covers samples or in-use workplace violent and harassment prevention policies.


Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (Ontario)

Workplace Violence Prevention Program

This is the workplace violence prevention policy, effective February 2013, at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health.

Workplace Violence Prevention in Health Care Leadership Table (Ontario)

Workplace Violence Prevention Committee

A sample terms of reference to constitute a hospital’s workplace violence prevention committee to be modified to reflect each unique hospital’s needs.

Windsor Regional Hospital (Ontario)

Required Organizational Practice Self-Assessment and Action Plan Accreditation Canada

The Windsor Regional Hospital’s compliance plan in order to meet the Required Organizational Practice guidelines and standards for safety.

Manitoba Department of Health

Violence Prevention Program for Health Care Workers in Manitoba: Health authority workplace violence prevention policy

The Violence Prevention Program in use by the Manitoba Health Authorities.

B.C. Provincial Health Services Authority

Preventing Violence in the Workplace

The Workplace Violence Prevention Policy in use by the Provincial Health Services Authority and its agencies.