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Workplace Violence Toolkit

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Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE)

Violence: It’s NOT part of the job

Workplace violence is a serious hazard that many CUPE members face every day. The purpose of the kit is to provide members with resources to help protect them against violence and harassment in the workplace.

Emergency Nurses Association

Workplace Violence Toolkit

The Emergency Nurses Association Workplace Violence Toolkit is designed specifically for the emergency department manager or designated team leader to develop and implement a comprehensive plan that addresses managing violent behaviors in the emergency department and protecting staff.

New Brunswick Nurses Union

New Brunswick Nursing Home Violence Prevention Tool

The materials included in this kit have been developed by the Nursing Home Workplace Violence Prevention Working Group, a collaboration between the New Brunswick Nursing Home Association, the New Brunswick Nurses Union, WorkSafeNB and the New Brunswick Continuing Care Safety Association.

Family Violence: It’s Your Business

The Family Violence: It’s Your Business workplace toolkit is intended to provide employers, unions and employees with information and resources for recognizing and responding to family violence situations that enter the workplace.

Ontario Nurses’ Association

Tool Box / Resources

Info and tools for frontline members, health and safety committee reps and bargaining unit presidents. We are facing an epidemic of assaults in our workplaces. To help to tackle this serious issue, ONA has created tools and resources to help make our workplaces safer.


Guide to Violence and Harassment at Work

Violence at work is a reality in the working lives of many OPSEU members. OPSEU has put together this guide in order to help their members understand their rights and ability to fight back.

From Knowledge to Action – A Health and Safety toolkit

A health and safety toolkit for OPSEU members facing violence at work in health care with a focus on mental health facilities in particular.