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Workplace Violence Toolkit

Policies & Resources - Security Measures

This section covers measures necessary for security such as communication devices, Code White procedures and security guards training.


Standards Council of Canada and Canadian General Standards Board

National Standard of Canada: security officers and security officer supervisors. Voluntary Standard  (Click on the link: Continue to Publication)

The Canadian General Standards Board is a government agency which works with industry stakeholders to set voluntary standards. This standard addresses the training, conduct, responsibilities, and qualifications of security officers and security officer supervisors.

Public Services Health & Safety Association (Ontario)

Security Toolkit

This toolkit is designed to help community and health care organizations, with or without designated security personnel, establish an effective security program, and includes eight tools.

Personal Safety Response System

The Public Services Health and Safety Association’s Personal Safety Response System (PSRS) toolkit is designed to help community and health care organizations establish an effective PSRS that can effectively summon immediate assistance for impending workplace violence situations or an incident in progress.

Prairie Mountain Health (Manitoba)

Provincial Healthcare Violence Prevention Program: Operational Procedure

The Operational Procedure which covers the Prairie Mountain Health regional health authority and provides procedures on alert systems, communication tools and immediate assistance.