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Workplace Violence Toolkit

Policies & Resources - Workplace Violence Prevention Programs’ Implementation Guides

This section covers advice and examples of successful implementation of workplace violence prevention programs.


Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (National)

Implementing an Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) Program

Guidance on how to implement and maintain an effective occupational health and safety program.

Workers Compensation Board of PEI

Guide to the Prevention of Workplace Violence

This guide presents the regulations on Prince Edward Island and provides information on how to interpret them. Offers advice on risk assessments, procedures, policies, reporting, investigating and documenting incidents.

Nova Scotia Health Authority

Improving Workplace Safety in Nova Scotia’s Community Emergency Departments

The Nova Scotia Health Authority established a working group on safety protocols as a result of an incident at Soldiers Memorial Hospital. These recommendations and their framework for implementation could be of value to community emergency departments.

Nova Scotia Health + Community Services Safety Association

Workplace Safety Action Plan for Nova Scotia’s Health and Community Services Sector

Overview of the Workplace Safety Action Plan and the process of implementation of a violence prevention aspect in health and community services’ occupational health and safety systems.

Nova Scotia Health Research Foundation

Intervention to Reduce Workplace Violence

The Nova Scotia Health Research Foundation was commissioned to create a synthesis of available evidence pertaining to interventions to prevent workplace violence in a range of health care settings.

New Brunswick Nurses Union

Violence in the Workplace: Zero Tolerance

This guide offers recommended steps to begin addressing the issue of workplace violence.

Health Quality Ontario

Quality Improvement Plan Guidance: Workplace Violence Prevention

The purpose of this guide is to support hospitals in meeting the expectations around the new mandatory workplace violence indicator that will be included in the 2018/2019 QIPs for the hospital sector.


Workplace Violence Prevention in the 2017/18 Quality Improvement Plans

The purpose of this report is to highlight organizations’ efforts to address workplace violence as described in their 2017/2018 QIPs. Through this report, we hope to share ideas and tools among organizations, and to inform work that is currently ongoing to address this issue in health care overall.


Engaging with Patients and Caregivers about Quality Improvement

Patient engagement is an essential way of incorporating the voices of patients, families and caregivers into decisions that will affect the care that patients receive. This is a consultation guide for health care organizations.



Take Care: How to develop and Implement a Workplace Violence Prevention Program

This guide enables employers and workers to implement a program to prevent violence in the workplace.

SafeCare BC

Monthly Huddle & Safety in 60 Seconds: Pre-Shift Huddle Tips for Safety Advocates

Safety in 60 Seconds offers quick, bite-sized tips and tools for managers and OH&S committee members to help create safer, healthier workplaces.