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Workplace Violence Toolkit

Policies & Resources - Environmental Risk Assessments

This section covers the tools and procedures to analyze workplaces for violence, psychosocial and lateral violence hazards.


Workers’ Compensation Board of Nova Scotia

Health and Social Services Sectors: Point of Care Assessment Tools. Tips for safe patient care

PACE Yourself Program for home care workers to assist them in handling clients.

Public Services Health & Safety Association (Ontario)

Workplace Violence Assessment Tools – Acute or Long Term Care Work Environments

A comprehensive workplace violence risk assessment should encompass all four types of violence and include:

  • Past incidents of workplace violence in the organization
  • Workplace violence risks specific to your workplace or sector and physical location
  • Employee perception of workplace violence and harassment
  • Concerns about workplace violence and harassment raised to supervisors and JHSCs
  • Environmental factors
  • Work setting, clients and work practices


Prairie Mountain Health Regional Authority (Manitoba)

Workplace Violence Prevention Program: Environmental Risk Assessment

The Prairie Mountain Health Regional Authority’s Environmental Risk Assessment policy.

SafeWork Manitoba

Safety and Health Program Assessment Tool

This assessment tool will help you to ensure that your workplace safety and health program is working effectively, meeting legislative requirements and, in turn, will help prevent workplace incidents and injuries.

SafeCare BC

Violence Risk Assessment: Inventory of Assessment Tools

The Violence Risk Assessment was created to help guide you through the process of conducting a violence risk assessment. The assessment tools give you everything you need to get started. We have even created an easy-to-use quick reference guide.