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Workplace Violence Toolkit

Legal Guides - Saskatchewan

The following is a list of legal resources to help understand provincial workplace violence and harassment legislation in Saskatchewan.


Government of Saskatchewan

Understanding Occupational Health and Safety in Saskatchewan: Legal Guide

An overview of Saskatchewan’s occupational health and safety legislation for employers and employees.


Rights and Responsibilities in the Workplace

Everyone in the workplace is legally responsible for safety. Find information on the responsibilities for employers, supervisors, workers, and more.

WorkSafe Saskatchewan

Occupational Health & Safety Guide

A list of worker, supervisor and employer rights & responsibilities regarding occupational health and safety.

Saskatchewan Union of Nurses

Workplace Safety – Know your Rights

Outlines the three fundamental rights in the Saskatchewan Employment Act: the right to know, to participate and to refuse.


Member Resources

Defines violence in the workplace and explains the legal requirements of employers, along with recommended steps for nurses if they have experienced a violent incident at work.


Workplace Violence and SUN Members

A pocket card for nurses, describing what to do if they have experienced a violent incident at work.