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Workplace Violence Toolkit

Legal Guides - Manitoba

The following is a list of legal resources to help understand provincial workplace violence and harassment legislation in Manitoba.


WorkSafe Manitoba

Preventing Violence in the Workplace – Legal and Policy Guide

This guide will help you assess your workplace for the risk of violence and help you develop a violence prevention policy.


Preventing Harassment in the Workplace Guide – Legal and Policy Guide

This guide will help you prevent harassment in your workplaces and develop harassment prevention policies.


Being SAFE at Work Guide

This guide was developed with input from the Immigrant Centre Manitoba and addresses workplace laws, workplace safety and worker rights for newcomers entering the workforce.​


A SAFE Student Resource Handbook

This resource book will guide you through the process of SAFE Work, from learning what a hazard is to understanding how to identify and control hazards. The book will tell you what your rights are as a worker, what laws are in place to protect you, and what to do if you get hurt at work.

Manitoba Nurses Union

Workplace Health & Safety

  • Manitoba Nurses Union overview of the legislated Health and Safety rights available to their members along with an inventory of Workplace Health & Safety Documents.