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Workplace Violence Toolkit

Best Practices: Case Study - Michael Garron Hospital, Toronto

For about 10 years, Michael Garron Hospital has been working closely with Ontario Nurses' Association (ONA) to put in place a workplace violence prevention programme. Its experience of putting in place a comprehensive workplace violence prevention program, including training; reporting, reviews; risk assessments, better communication technologies, better care plans and identification for patients with violent behaviors; clear policies, committee mandates and accountability for workplace violence, and a well-trained and supportive security staff, offers a catalyst and provides a roadmap for other health care organizations that have committed to change.


Collaboration between a Large Community Hospital and the Ontario Nurses’ Association

A presentation (September 10, 2015) to the Australian Nurses and Midwives Conference on the experience of dealing with violence at the Toronto East General Hospital (now Michael Garron) by the Ontario Nurses’ Association.

Canada Order of Excellence Mental Health at Work

Toronto East General Hospital Report (May 11, 2018). A report overviewing Michael Garron Hospital’s journey since 2008 to improve the mental health and wellness of their staff and ultimately their path as an industry leader in the eyes of the Mental Health Commission of Canada.

Creating a Culture of Safety and Respect – Michael Garron Hospital & Ontario Nurses' Association have partnered to further their mission of leadership

Public Services Health and Safety Association News Release. Michael Garron Hospital and the Ontario Nurses’ Association have partnered to further their mission of leadership in quality and value in stemming work-related aggression and violence and creating a culture of safety and respect.

Daily Safety Check at Michael Garron Hospital: Health Standards Organization Leading Practices

In June 2017 Michael Garron Hospital implemented the Daily Safety Check to increase leadership engagement and improve situational awareness of safety risks. The Safety Check consists of a daily teleconference lasting 10 minutes that is held with senior hospital leaders who report safety concerns from frontline care providers.

Leadership Engagement and Workplace Violence Prevention: The Collaboration between a Large Community Hospital and Its Unions

This article (in Healthcare Quarterly, 2015) outlines the journey of Toronto East General Hospital as it became a champion of workplace violence prevention (WVP) in the health care industry. Significant improvements in staff engagement, a reduction in the frequency and severity of incidents, and a positive shift in the culture around WVP have all been demonstrated.

Violence Prevention – Toronto East General

Ontario Nurses’ Association (ONA) video,  outlining the process of change at the Toronto East General Hospital (Michael Garron Hospital).