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Workplace Violence Toolkit

Best Practices: Case Study - CAMH, Toronto

Details the journey of Toronto's Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH), working closely with union leadership and union members, to transform its approach to workplace violence. With leadership engagement and active Workplace Violence Committees, improvements have been made, and more will follow with the objective of constructively engaging on how to make the workplace safer for everyone.


OPSEU makes great strides to prevent workplace violence at CAMH

Details the “historic, positive and exciting” changes at CAMH over a one-year period as a result of OPSEU and ONA working closely with CAMH leadership to put in place workplace violence prevention measures.

Quality Improvement Plan (QIP) Narrative for Health Care Organizations in Ontario

Quality Improvement Plan Overview is intended to provide health care organizations in Ontario with guidance as to how they can develop a Quality Improvement Plan by providing an overview of CAMH’s approach with a focus on workplace violence prevention and staff wellness initiatives.

Peaceful places; CAMH Pilots global Safewards program

Case Study Write-up: a global open-source approach to safe care for mental health clients, known as Safewards, is being introduced by CAMH’s Complex Care and Recovery Program as part of the hospital’s Safe & Well strategy.

Partnering for the Prevention of Aggressive Behaviour: Health Standards Organization Leading Practices

The Health Standards Organization has included the Centre for Addiction and Mental Help’s Partnering for the Prevention of Aggressive Behaviour as a leading practice.