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The following media articles appeared during and before 2014.


Young nurses driven from profession by bullying

October 2014. The Association of Registered Nurses of P.E.I. held a conference to deal with bullying in the workplace. There are concerns younger nurses are quitting jobs and even leaving the profession because of lack of support from older nurses. CBC News

Laws needed to stop bullying in healthcare

October 2014. About 40% of health care workers in Canada have faced some form of bullying from their colleagues, says an American psychologist, and more provinces need to enact legislation to protect them. CBC News

Psychiatrists, nurses and other doctors deserve, demand protection from violence by patients

December 2014. After a deadly assault by a patient on a Penticton hospital Psychiatrist, BC Psychiatric Association believes that health authorities should start collecting data to track violence against health professionals, to review educational standards on workplace violence prevention and to do more in general to prevent such incidents. Vancouver Sun

Nurses seek charges against Southlake after emergency room assault

December 2014. A nurse was physically assaulted by an emergency room patient at Southlake Regional Health Centre. The incident – the hospital’s second reported assault in as many years – has re-ignited debate about workplace safety of Ontario’s health care workers. East Gwilliambury Express

Victory in Grande Prairie Case will help nurses refuse unsafe work

May 2013. Represented by United Nurses of Alberta, eight registered nurses and registered psychiatric nurses won an important appeal to the Occupational Health and Safety Council that protects the right of health care workers to refuse to work in situations where they are placed in imminent danger. UNA

Code White: Stories of Workplace Violence

April 2009. An article by Mari-Len De Guzman in the magazine Canadian Occupational Safety on violence against health care workers, told through the stories of injured or attacked workers with references to the high statistical risk, the public attention, and legislative activity on the issue. The Safety Standard

Slain Windsor nurse often harassed by doctor, colleague, testifies

September 2007. A Windsor nurse who was stabbed to death at the hospital where she worked was often harassed by the doctor who eventually killed her, a colleague testified at a coroner’s inquest. CBC News

Inside a nurse’s world: where stress is status quo

CBC’s Fifth Estate went directly to registered nurses to get their perspective on the quality of care in Canada’s hospitals in a cross-country survey. CBC News