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  • Wednesday, Apr 15 2015
    In her interview with The Canadian Press , Linda Silas said Nova Scotia is one of the first provinces to face a shortage of nurses. "What's happening in Nova Scotia is just an early symptom of what's going to happen across the country," she said. Read the article.
  • CFNU
    Friday, Dec 21 2012
    The Right Honourable Stephen Harper Prime Minister of Canada House of Commons Ottawa, ON K1A 0A6 Via email Subject: Idle No More – 10 days is enough, it is time to show leadership and meet with Chief Spence Dear Prime Minister Harper, The Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions, representing close to 200,000 nurses and nursing students across this country, urges you as Prime Minister to meet with Chief Teresa Spence of Attawapiskat First Nation, as a gesture that things will...
  • Winnipeg Free Press
    Friday, Aug 3 2012
    Hospitals over-crowded, under-staffed by Linda Silas The premiers health care innovation working group released its first report last week to polite applause. Baby steps, low-hanging fruit, motherhood and apple pie are all words that have been used to describe the initial efforts of premiers to collaborate on health care without Ottawa herding the cats. Those of us clapping loudly are trying to blow some air on this spark of pan-Canadian collaboration so that health care improvements do catch fire across...
  • The Hill Times
    Thursday, Aug 2 2012
    Canada needs a new Health Accord to liberate health-care talent A common approach to scope-of-practice reform will be a huge challenge under any circumstances, but close to impossible without Ottawa playing a major role. By LINDA SILAS , STEVEN LEWIS | The Council of the Federation has identified both coordinated health human resource planning and scope of practice reforms as a central part of its improvement agenda. Scope-of-practice refers to the range of decisions, actions and procedures a licensed professional...
  • Saskatchewan Union of Nurses
    Tuesday, Jul 31 2012
    SUN responds to Saskatchewan labour law consultation The Saskatchewan Union of Nurses (SUN) submitted its official response to the province’s labour consultation today in Regina. The omnibus review of 15 separate pieces of legislation governing labour laws in the province was announced by the Government of Saskatchewan in May of this year with a July 31, 2012 deadline set for all stakeholder and public input. “A review of the legislation is not what is of concern to SUN - we...
  • Thursday, Jul 26 2012
    Photo by Jennifer Henderson/CBC Protesters send message to premiers over healthcare Protesters in downtown Halifax have been trying to get a message to the premiers as they head into healthcare discussions at the Council of the Federation meeting in Halifax.
  • Chronicle Herald
    Wednesday, Jul 25 2012
    Almost a decade after a national health accord brought hope for a national home-care plan and drug strategy, nurses say they’re still waiting for action. Linda Silas, president of the Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions, said the 2004 accord between provinces and the then-Liberal government was a “great stand for solidarity for health care,” but hasn’t fully lived up to its potential. “They took the money, and other than wait times, they didn’t follow through on home care, they didn’t...
  • Wednesday, Jul 4 2012
    Pull together for public health care Toronto Star. Published on Saturday June 30, 2012. Tommy Douglas speaking in 1961. Maude Barlow and Linda Silas Fifty years ago on Canada Day, Saskatchewan passed the Medical Care Insurance Act , under the leadership of Tommy Douglas. This bold move birthed medicare and helped shape Canadian identity. The passage of medicare federally four years later did for Canada what the national railway did almost a century before. It helped define us from coast...


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