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July 23, 2018

Parliamentary Breakfasts

The Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions hosts an annual Parliamentary Breakfast attended by Senators, Members of Parliament (MPs) and health care stakeholders. The event is an opportunity to provide federal parliamentarians with information and recommendations on specific issues facing nurses and the health care sector.

Parliamentary Breakfast, May 1, 2018

At the most recent Parliamentary Breakfast, the CFNU shared a groundbreaking report, which demonstrated that devastating impacts of cost-related non-adherence to prescription medications add to the case for a national pharmacare plan. The report, entitled Body Count: The human cost of financial barriers to prescription medications, was presented to parliamentarians and health care stakeholders by internationally renowned physician, pharmaco-epidemiologist and lead author, Dr. Ruth Lopert. The report findings reveal that Canadians are dying every day and tens of thousands are getting sicker every year without pharmacare, lending urgency to calls for the implementation of a national pharmacare plan.

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