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#FrontlineUnited: Share thanks and solidarity with frontline health care workers

We are #FrontlineUnited.

As Canada’s nurses gather for our 2021 biennial convention, we recognize the contributions and sacrifices of all nurses and health care staff working on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic across the country.

We recognize the frontline nurses and health care workers who are doing the incredibly challenging work of caring for critically ill patients; those caring for vulnerable residents in long-term care homes ravaged by illness and death; those providing crucial care in our communities and homes; those working overtime and struggling with heavy workloads and chronic understaffing; those who have been met with disrespect or disregard from their governments or employers; those fighting for a fair contract and wages that recognize nurses’ incredible value; those who have been redeployed to new workplaces or even provinces; those suffering from burnout yet unable to take a break; those still fighting for safe and healthy workplaces; those facing moral distress or mental illness from the strain and demands of their work; those who have become ill or who have made the ultimate sacrifice and have lost their lives as a result of their work.

Today, we recognize you, we thank you, we honour you.

Tomorrow, we continue the fight for better – side by side, coast to coast.

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