Factsheets and Backgrounders

Title Description Date Download
Nursing Workforce Backgrounder 2014-11-27 Download
Phamarcare Backgrounder 2014-11-27 Download
Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions Policy Directive: H1N1 Outbreak and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) 2014-10-14 Download
Nursing Workforce Backgrounder 2014-07-11 Download
Safe Staffing Backgrounder CFNU’s latest report, Nursing Workload and Patient Care: Understanding the Value of Nurses, the Effects of Excessive Workload, and How Nurse-Patient Ratios and Dynamic Staffing Models Can Help, highlights some innovative staffing methods that lead to safe, quality patient care. 2013-02-26 Download
Nursing Workforce Backgrounder This factsheet provides an overview on the state of the nursing workforce. Nurses are the largest group of regulated health professionals in Canada. As of 2011, there were 270,724 registered nurses (RNs), 84,587 licensed practical nurses (LPNs) and 5,214 registered psychiatric nurses (RPNs) working as nurses in Canada. (Note: RPNs are regulated as a separate profession in the four western provinces and Yukon only.) In all there are 360,572 regulated nurses working as nurses in Canada. 2013-02-26 Download
Continuing Care Continuing care – the suite of services comprising long-term care, home care, respite care and palliative care is in need of serious reform across Canada. Insufficient funding, lack of access, lack of planning, including lack of discharge planning, poor quality, unsafe staffing and a patchwork of care regulations and standards across the country have led to a crisis for Canadians in need of continuing care. The implications impinge on the acute care system, creating backlogs and inappropriate care settings, thereby compromising the quality of care for patients and the efficiency of the system as a whole. 2012-05-31 Download
Health Care Sustainability Backgrounder Is Canada’s health care system sustainable? Critics of medicare point to increases in health spending as the harbinger of financial disaster. And they have a simple, seductive answer ready at hand — let the market fix health care. Both suggestions — that there is a crisis of sustainability, and that the market can fix it — are false. The critics have overstated their case. Canada’s health spending is increasing but stable, and in line with other comparable economies. The effect of our aging demographic is minor and slow-moving, while cost drivers with greater impacts, like prescription drugs and the use of technology, can be controlled. 2012-01-23 Download
Research to Action: Applied Workplace Solutions for Nurses Backgrounder Innovation to Solve Regional and National ChallengesIn an unprecedented display of collaborative teamwork, the Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions initiated partnerships with employers, unions, governments, universities, and professional associations to create the Research to Action (RTA) project. The project brought 10 innovative research-based retention and recruitment strategies to life for front-line nurses across the country. 2012-01-23 Download
Aboriginal Health Backgrounder Canada is home to more than one million people who identify themselves as Aboriginal: 60% as First Nations, 33% as Métis, 4% as Inuit and 3% as people with more than one identity, according to the 2006 Census. Aboriginal people account for 3.8% of the total population of Canada. 2012-01-10 Download