it's National nursing week.

let's REignite health care

support Canada's frontline nurses.

Throughout the pandemic and well before, Canada's frontline nurses saved our health care systems from collapse. They worked countless hours of overtime, pushed through burnout and fatigue, and endured difficult working conditions. We need to do a better job at taking care of our nurses so they can take continue to take care of us. For Nursing Week, take a moment to support nurses from coast to coast, telling your local politicians to protect our cherished public health care system and to ensure nurses have the support they need to do their job.
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Step One

Email your local reps.

The federal government can immediately start addressing problems driving nurses out of the profession, through a new Nurse Retention Fund designed to urgently scale best practices for the retention, return and recruitment of nurses. Let the federal and your provincial governments know they need to collaborate closely with nurses to put a plan into action that will actually work.

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Step Two

tweet your support for nurses.

Once you have emailed your local representatives, take it a step further by calling on them on Twitter to take action.

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Step three

Share the campaign.

Finally, invite your network to participate in our campaign.

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Step four

Learn why it matters.

As the health staffing crisis rages on, an alarming number of nurses across the country are looking for the exit sign. Four in 10 nurses intend to retire, leave their jobs or leave the nursing profession entirely. Learn more about what it's like to work in health care right now from the perspective of nurses.

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reigniting Health care

A Facebook live stream

The Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions hosted a panel discussion covering the most pressing issues facing our health care system today. With the help of union leaders from across the country, we explored the staffing crisis, the emergence of privatized care, and ways to help our overstretched health care system.

Bonus Step

No one should be forced to choose between filling their prescriptions and feeding their family. Canada can do better. Act now and urge our government to get to work on implementing universal public pharmacare. Canada’s nurses have long understood that pharmacare needs to be part of Medicare. Universal pharmacare would ensure access for all, while saving our system billions of dollars every year. Canadians also agree.

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