• Wednesday, Apr 22 2015
    Read Green Jobs for Earth Day by Canadian Labour Congress.
  • Tuesday, Apr 21 2015
    The Better Choice campaign is targeted at the not yet announced Federal Election and asks working people five questions based on: Jobs Childcare Education and training Medicare Pensions To learn more about the Better Choices campaign and educate yourself visit
  • Friday, Apr 17 2015
    April 17, 2015 Updates Australia Headline: Nurses call for FSH surgery cuts ……………. Australia Headline: WA nurses call for surgeries to be halved ……………. Australia Headline: Nurses warned ACT Health they were putting children at risk in special schools ……………. Australia Headline: Nurses’ union to hold talks with Bendigo Health over claims Simpkin House aged care staff attacked …………… Brazil Manchete: Enfermeiros do Hospital Evangélico voltam a ameaçar greve por falta de pagamento Headline: Nurses...
  • Friday, Apr 10 2015
    April 10, 2015, updates Global Headline: Understaffed wards lead to infections, worsening health …….. Argentina Titular: Las Heras: denuncian que por las noches hay una enfermera para más de 20 pacientes Headline: Las Heras: They complain that at night there is a nurse for more than 20 patients ….. Australia Headline: Australian Nursing Federation WA secretary Mark Olson calls for HIV testing at Fiona Stanley Hospital …………………. Australia Headline: WA nurses call for surgeries to be...
  • Friday, Apr 10 2015
    CFNU is planning to hold a special election session during the convention, Wednesday, June 3rd from 4:30-6:30pm. Snacks will be provided. Learn from experts and get ready for the next Federal election. We have limited space (100 seats) and urge you to contact CFNU right away if you would like to participate. Registration deadline is May 1, 2015. Please contact us by email at to sign up.
  • Friday, Apr 10 2015
    Give nurses a ‘High 5’! The Canadian Nurses Foundation (CNF) is excited to announce High 5 for Nurses, its first National Nursing Week campaign. CNF is challenging Canada’s over 300,000 nurses to make a $5 donation to the campaign by texting NURSES to 45678. After making your donation, CNF wants you to share a photo or video of yourself giving a High 5 to your fellow nurses. Include the tag @theCNF and #High5forNurses with your post on Facebook, Twitter and...
  • Tuesday, Apr 7 2015
    Canadian Medical Association demands a plan.
  • Tuesday, Apr 7 2015
    Some major changes are coming for hospitals across the province as more than 41 per cent of the province’s registered nurses are now aged 50 years or older, with many approaching retirement in the next couple of years. Read full artcile on NBNU site.


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