• Wednesday, Jul 29 2015
    The premiers debated health care at their recent joint meetings. What we got was a demand that the federal government increase its funding on health care to 25 per cent. What we didn’t get was a rejection of privatization.
  • Monday, Jul 27 2015
    July 27, 2015 Global Headline: Nurses invite Pope Francis to meet ……………………. Australia Headline: Fiona Stanley Hospital patients injured, not fed, left in dirty beds: review ……………………. Australia Headline: Canberra Hospital Emergency Department procedures may breach nurses' standards: union ……………………. Brazil Manchete: Greve dos enfermeiros fica só na ameaça e novo prazo para pagamento é dado por diretoria Headline: Nurses’ strike is only a threat and new deadline for payment is given by board ………… Brazil...
  • Friday, Jul 24 2015
  • Thursday, Jul 16 2015
    In poll after poll, Canadians demonstrate that public health care is Canada’s number one priority. It is part of our identity as Canadians. But we risk losing this important element of our identity if we do not act now to address the erosion of federal funding. Our interactive map is based on CFNU’s expert paper, The Canada Health Transfer Disconnect: An Aging Population, Rising Health Care Costs and a Shrinking Federal Role in Funding . The paper and map show...
  • Wednesday, Jul 15 2015
    Find below Pharmacare 2020: The future of drug coverage in Canada , a research-based report with recommendations endorsed by over 100 university-affiliated experts in health policy and clinical practice from across Canada. The report presents a clear and coherent vision of a public drug plan that is universal, comprehensive, evidence-based, and sustainable. This is Pharmacare for Canada. It would work in conjunction with Medicare to promote the health and well-being of Canadians. Perhaps of particular interest, public opinion research released...
  • Tuesday, Jul 14 2015
    The federal public service has been hit hard by the Harper Conservatives. Canadians have lost important health and safety protections, and the economy has lost tens of thousands of good, union jobs as a result of cuts to the federal public service. PSAC is launching a public awareness campaign urging voters to vote to stop the cuts to public services.
  • Monday, Jul 13 2015
    July 13, 2015 Australia Headline: Nurses plan campaign ……………. Brazil Manchete: Em greve há 17 dias, enfermeiros irão negociar com prefeitura amanhã Headline: On strike for 17 days, nurses will negotiate with city hall tomorrow ……………. Brazil Manchete: Enfermeiros que estavam em greve retornam aos postos nesta quarta-feira Headline: Nurses who were on strike returned to stations on Wednesday ……………. Brazil Manchete: Após 18 dias, acordo põe fim à greve dos enfermeiros municipais Headline: After 18...
  • Monday, Jul 13 2015
    The CFNU is calling on federal and provincial governments to address seniors' care with a strategy called "Before It's Too Late: A National Plan for Safe Seniors' Care." Read full article here .


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