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July 30, 2020

National Lobby Days

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, national lobby days are no longer being held in their usual form. Below is the information for the most recent in-person events.

Canadian Labour Congress Lobby 2019

The Canadian Labour Congress organizes an annual lobby day, which the CFNU participates in as an affiliated organization. CLC lobby days focus on several priority issues, with the aim of influencing decision-makers to take concrete action to improve public services, strengthen the rights of workers, and build a more just and prosperous future for all workers and the public.

The most recent CLC lobby day February 26, 2019, addressed three priority issues:

  • National pharmacare
  • Pension reform
  • Bankruptcy protection for workers

More than 250 people from various unions across Canada, including a considerable CFNU delegation, participated in the Lobby Day. Together they met with more than 100 legislators to share their views.

Learn more about the Canadian Labour Congress and their work here.

Canadian Health Coalition Lobby 2019

The Canadian Health Coalition organizes an annual lobby of parliamentarians to promote public health care and propose solutions to improve our public system. As a supportive and active member of the CHC, the CFNU participates in the lobby, contributing information, materials and attending meetings with parliamentarians. 

The most recent CHC Lobby Day focused on the implementation of national pharmacare and the principles needed for an effective and ethical pharmacare system that puts people above profits:

  • Universality
  • Public, single-payer administration
  • Accessibility
  • Comprehensiveness
  • Portable coverage

More than 100 people from health coalitions across the country participated, including a strong CFNU delegation. Together, they lobbied more than 50 legislators.

Learn more about the Canadian Health Coalition and their work here.