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    Tuesday, Mar 21 2017
    After the Trudeau government introduced its first budget last year, Canada’s unions were optimistic, but knew that much more would be needed to really build a fairer and more prosperous Canada. Infrastructure funding, and improvements to EI and the Guaranteed Income Supplement for seniors emerged as highlights in the 2016 budget. But working Canadians and their families were left waiting for sustained funding for health care and child care, and action on other key campaign commitments. Here are the top...
  • Tuesday, Oct 18 2016
    Tuesday October 18, 2016 (Toronto, ON) – Today, as federal, provincial and territorial health ministers continue to negotiate a new Health Accord, Canada’s nurses call on all governments to focus on what is at stake for Canadians and for the future of health care in this country. “From what we are hearing from the current negotiations, it is being presented as an ‘either-or’ proposition,” said Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions (CFNU) President Linda Silas. “Nurses know that the answer is...
  • Friday, Sep 2 2016
    On Labour Day, Canada's nurses join the Canadian Labour Congress and call for stronger public pensions, safer workplaces and public spaces, and better jobs for all. Labour Day is an important opportunity to celebrate and recognize Canada’s nurses and all workers across the country. Today we reflect back on a successful year of challenges and labour victories we won to make life better for everyone. Though we have accomplished a lot over the last calendar year, there is still more...
  • Thursday, Oct 15 2015
    October 15, 2015 (Ottawa) – Canada’s Nurses have released a party performance card ranking the commitments to health care that each of the major federal political parties have made throughout the course of the election. Throughout polls early in this election, voters clearly identified that health care was a top concern. The Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions (CFNU) highlighted four key areas that needed to be addressed: a safe seniors’ strategy, a national prescription drug program, committing to a publicly-funded...
  • Tuesday, Apr 7 2015
    Saskatchewan nurses' survey: what do nurses say about putting patients at risk due to short-staffing, about quality and safety of care, about a possibility of leaving nursing? Saskatchewan Union of Nurses (SUN) published the result of their survey of SUN membership.
  • Wednesday, Oct 1 2014
    Today, leaders of the Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions (CFNU) and the Canadian Nurses Association (CNA) showed provincial and territorial health leaders the inextricable link between safe staffing, patient safety and quality care. The meeting took place at a roundtable briefing held during federal, provincial and territorial health ministers’ meetings. Nurse leaders and provincial and territorial health ministers discussed national and international lessons from examples such as England’s public inquiry into the relationship between safe staffing, patient safety and quality...
  • Monday, Aug 18 2014
    Tell you friends and family to always INSIST ON A REGISTERED NURSE! Watch why Video of YthF86QDOXY
  • Tuesday, May 27 2014
    Today the Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions published a new report which calls for nurses, patients and their families to safeguard our health care system and to reject irresponsible workforce redesign. Valuing Patient Safety: Responsible Workforce Design provides stark evidence of the effects of ill-considered experiments in the delivery of patient care. Workforce redesign refers to nursing care delivery, and changes to staff mix and staffing levels are the two most common, outward signs. Valuing Patient Safety argues that patients...


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