• http://canadianlabour.ca/news/news-archive/clc-sees-skills-training-infrastructure-and-child-care-budget-highlights
    Wednesday, Mar 22 2017
    OTTAWA – The Canadian Labour Congress says today’s federal budget takes positive steps on a few key issues for working Canadians and their communities. “We are pleased to see today’s budget invest in several key areas that unions have long championed, including infrastructure, skills training, and child care,” said Canadian Labour Congress President Hassan Yussuff. “By investing in skills training and infrastructure, including $11 billion in support of a National Housing Strategy, this budget lays the foundation for the creation...
  • Wednesday, Nov 4 2015
    November 4, 2015 (Ottawa) – Canada’s Nurses congratulate Prime Minister Trudeau and the new Federal Cabinet after their swearing in at Rideau Hall today. The Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions (CFNU) is looking forward to working with Canada’s new prime minister and newly appointed Health Minister Jane Philpott to enhance and protect our universal public health care system. “On behalf of the nearly 200,000 nurses the CFNU represents across Canada, I welcome the new government’s commitment to forging a new...
  • Tuesday, Oct 20 2015
    October 20, 2015 (Ottawa) – Canada’s Nurses congratulate all candidates in the 2015 federal election and look forward to working with MPs and Canada’s new prime minister to enhance and protect our universal public health care system. Canadians overwhelmingly elected the Liberal Party of Canada on a platform of change, and the Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions (CFNU) congratulates Prime Minister-elect Justin Trudeau and his team on behalf of the nearly 200,000 nurses the CFNU represents across Canada. “Health Care...
  • https://youtu.be/ofg5sjfKE_o
    Friday, Oct 16 2015
    CFNU President Linda Silas urges Canadians to vote for the health care on Oct. 19. Video of ofg5sjfKE_o Read our political party performance card here.
  • http://anac.on.ca/
    Friday, Oct 16 2015
    With just days before Canada decides who will form the next government, the Aboriginal Nurses Association of Canada released a statement as it believes that health is a critical election issue that requires attention by all Federal parties. Furthermore, Aboriginal health continues to curtail any promises of improved Canadian-Aboriginal relations, as initiatives continue to be subject to discretionary funding approaches that see programs allocated for, yet departments do not fully spend these commitments. Read the full statement here .
  • Thursday, Oct 15 2015
    October 15, 2015 (Ottawa) – Canada’s Nurses have released a party performance card ranking the commitments to health care that each of the major federal political parties have made throughout the course of the election. Throughout polls early in this election, voters clearly identified that health care was a top concern. The Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions (CFNU) highlighted four key areas that needed to be addressed: a safe seniors’ strategy, a national prescription drug program, committing to a publicly-funded...
  • Monday, Oct 5 2015
    On Tuesday Oct. 6, 2015 join CFNU president Linda Silas & presidents of 8 provincial nurses unions for a conversation with Canada’s nursing leaders. For two hours Canada’s nursing leaders will discuss the importance of health care in this federal election, and why it has never been so important to #vote4care on Oct.19 Tweet questions to @CFNU or post questions on the CFNU Facebook page using #AskANurse from 5:00-7:00pm EST
  • http://betterchoice.ca/
    Monday, Oct 5 2015
    This election there is a better choice for the economy and the future. The CLC believes there is a better choice. One that gets us ready to support and care for our aging population. One that gives Canadians high-quality, secure jobs instead of short-term, temporary positions. One that provides programs that benefit everyone—instead of tax relief programs that benefit a select few. This election, we can choose better child care, health care, retirement security and jobs. Learn more at betterchoice.ca...


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