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The CFNU is working hard to ensure nurses are included in all federal PTSD and occupational stress injury legislation and policies.

Canadian nurses provide high-quality frontline health care in hospitals and communities across Canada. Unfortunately, nurses, like other frontline workers, are often exposed to workplace trauma causing post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or PTSD symptoms. Exposure to patient trauma as well as physical and verbal abuse can cause serious mental health injuries, such as PTSD. Here are some important facts:

Bill C-211, An Act to Establish a Federal Framework on PTSD, is currently being debated in Canada’s Parliament. The bill’s sponsor, Conservative MP Todd Doherty, wants the federal PTSD framework in his bill to apply exclusively to first responders, military personnel, veterans, RCMP and correctional officers. Doherty has stated that nurses and other frontline health care workers would not be covered by this federal PTSD framework.

It is wrong to exclude nurses from a federal PTSD framework. The CFNU has met with numerous federal legislators and the Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Health to request amendments to this bill to include nurses. We won’t let up until we are sure that nurses are included in all federal workplace PTSD legislation and policy, including Bill C-211.

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